Bruce Prichard comments on Tajiri's ability in WWE

Tajiri was one of the most entertaining stars in WWE during his run in the company
Tajiri was one of the most entertaining stars in WWE during his run in the company
Modified 21 Nov 2020

The WWE Executive Director of RAW and SmackDown, Bruce Prichard, appeared on his 'Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard' podcast (h/t Wrestling Inc), where he spoke about his impression of Tajiri. There was a time when Tajiri was regularly featured on WWE programming and he was always entertaining during that part of his career.

Bruce Prichard talked about Tajiri and Eddie Guerrero teaming up at one point in time, which would lead to them even winning the WWE Tag Team titles. Prichard also talked about the manner in which Eddie Guerrero was always a crowd favorite even when he was a heel.

Bruce Prichard on Eddie Guerrero teaming up with Tajiri in WWE

Bruce Prichard talked about Eddie Guerrero's team with Tajiri. Five days before WWE Judgement Day 2003 was set to take place, Chavo Guerrero ended up tearing his biceps. As a result, Eddie Guerrero had to look for a new tag team partner for his match against The World's Greatest Tag Team for the WWE Tag Team titles. That was a ladder match and Eddie Guerrero ended up finding Tajiri.

"I think that his entertainment value [was really high] and that he was able to express his emotions through his facials. He was absolutely one of the best, and they fit. It was like peas and carrots."

Eventually, they would go on to lose the titles. When that did happen, Eddie Guerrero turned on Tajiri. During that turn, Eddie Guerrero slammed him through the windshield of his lowrider truck. However, when Guerrero turned to the fans, where he had just become a heel, they were still cheering for him.

"Eddie going to the audience and asking them for affirmation. The audience is like, 'No, Eddie, it's okay, man. We love you!' Whatever he did, they loved."

Eddie Guerrero often made everything more entertaining for the fans, whether he was working as a heel or a babyface during his time in WWE. As a result, no matter what Eddie Guerrero did, he became one of the most popular stars in the storyline, with fans cheering for him all the time.

Published 21 Nov 2020
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