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Cedric Alexander on what MVP told him over dinner; why he joined The Hurt Business

Cedric Alexander, the newest member of The Hurt Buisiness
Cedric Alexander, the newest member of The Hurt Buisiness
Kishan Prasad
Modified 25 Sep 2020, 19:29 IST

A few weeks back on WWE RAW, Cedric Alexander turned on his teammates to join align himself with MVP, Bobby Lashley, Shelton Benjamin. Now, the four members of The Hurt Business have taken it upon themselves to ride WWE RAW of its newest menace, RETRIBUTION.

Cedric Alexander on MVP's words of wisdom

Cedric Alexander was in conversation with talkSPORT recently. During the interview, Alexander spoke about the original plans for the fourth memeber of The Hurt Business and why the stable wasn't challenging for the Tag Team Titles currently.

Cedric Alexander also talked about The Hurt Business not being about race and what MVP told him over dinner one night.

"100 percent [not about race]. I remember vividly, there was a dinner the first night I joined The Hurt Business, me and the guys went out for dinner. MVP just made it very clear ‘look, this is about green, this isn’t about colour. The only colour we care about is green.’ And that was something that I came into it knowing full well because there was a time where hanging around on RAW, I was just a spoke in the wheel. I was just rolling along, nothing really happening, I was just kind of there. And then MVP gave me this opportunity and I was like ‘I’m tired of just being another dude. I wanna be a star, I wanna make something of myself. I wanna accomplish things and not just say hey, I was here.’"

Why did Cedric Alexander join The Hurt Business?

The night Cedric Alexander turned heel and joined MVP and his associates in The Hurt Business, WWE fans only had one question, why. Alexander addressed that too.

Everyone is just happy to be here sometimes. I got tired of being happy to be there. I want to accomplish things. I want to do things that make me happy and make me feel like I’m succeeding and not just doing it for everything else. It’s one of those things where I’ve been here for four years and I’ve accomplished quite a lot, but I know I can do more. I know I’m worth more and capable of doing a lot more. Being apart of The Hurt Business was the perfect way to show I’m more than a cruiserweight.
Published 25 Sep 2020, 18:16 IST
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