Chavo Guerrero encourages Chris Benoit's son to wrestle

Chavo Guerrero believes that Chris Benoit
Chavo Guerrero believes that Chris Benoit's son has a future in wrestling
Nithin Joseph

In an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Chavo Guerrero discussed the possibility of Chris Benoit's son, David Benoit breaking into the pro-wreslting world and possibly working for the WWE.

Chris Benoit, who tragically passed away in 2007 under unfortunate circumstances, left behind two children, his daughter Megan Benoit and his eldest son, David.

The memories of Benoit's tragic death and that of his wife and son Daniel still haunt the wrestling world today, however, Chavo Guerrero believes this should not hold David Benoit back.

"I want him to [get into wrestling]. I would love for him to do that. It’s tough, because he looks so much like his father.And it’s something that — man, it sucks for him, because he just got played just a raw hand. You know, he didn’t do anything wrong, but yet he still suffers from the consequences of his father, and the circumstances that surrounded his death.And it’s such a poor guy, man, he still gets it. And he’s probably like me, just wanted to be a wrestler too. With him, it’s something that — it’s kind of “the ball’s in his court." H/t

David Benoit himself has shown interest in becoming a wrestler, suggesting in a previous interview with Chris Van Vliet that he is even open to adopting his late father's name, ring gear and entrance music.

Chavo Guerrero believes that David Benoit will never be at the same level as his father

In the same interview, Chavo Guerrero also stated that David Benoit will have a tough time and will probably never be able to fill the shoes of Chris Benoit.

However, he didn't discourage David, but rather complimented Chris Benoit and some of his former peers. Chavo also directed this advice to Rey Mysterio's son Dominik Mysterio, who is currently working with the WWE.

"Yeah, he’ll never fill those shoes. You can’t fill shoes of Chris Benoit, of a Bret Hart, of a Shawn Michaels, of an Eddie Guerrero, of a Rey Mysterio. You just can’t. You can just be you. You know? Look at Dominik Mysterio right now, coming up. Is he Rey Mysterio? No, you know? But he’s kicking butt. He’s Dominik, and I tell him the same thing.You — man, just be you." H/t

Chavo Guerrero is probably the perfect example of a wrestler who had to be himself, having had to wrestle under the shadow of his illustrious uncle, the late Eddie Guerrero.

However, it was by listening to his own advice that Chavo Guerrero was able to sustain a successful wrestling career and we hope the same will go for future stars like Dominik Mysterio and David Benoit.

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Edited by Alex Turk
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