CM Punk declares his true intentions in WWE with just 11 words on RAW

A brief but impactful promo in the final segment of RAW
A brief but impactful promo in the final segment of RAW

CM Punk declared his intentions as RAW was going off the air. Although he had only a little over five minutes to say his piece, he said what he needed to, especially what he came to WWE to do.

As hard as it might be for fans to hear it, CM Punk said he is home and thanked the fans for never forgetting him and for chanting his name all these years. He said he was embraced backstage, and everybody was happy to have him back "except a couple of people."

Right as RAW was going off the air, CM Punk sent a clear 11-word message:

"I'm not here to make friends. I'm here to make money."

And if things stay smooth without any backstage issues, Punk is guaranteed to make a lot of money.

He even referenced AJ Lee in the promo, stating she sent her regards.

What Punk successfully did was captivate the audience without needing to say much. There was no first feud beyond a tease with Seth Rollins, who called Punk a hypocrite earlier on the show.

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