Seth Rollins has one word for CM Punk on RAW; reveals that top babyface will challenge him for the World Title next week 

Rollins didn
Rollins didn't want to talk about CM Punk at all

Seth Rollins had only one thing to say about CM Punk, as he wasn't particularly interested in addressing him overall. However, he did reveal that a top babyface will challenge him next week for the World Heavyweight Title.

This week on RAW, Seth Rollins was met with loud "CM Punk" chants and simply responded by telling the crowd to get it out of their system and called Punk one word - a hypocrite. He said that he didn't want to waste his time on him and that he had an itch to defend the World Heavyweight Title again.

He revealed that after a conversation with RAW General Manager Adam Pearce, a new challenger has been given an opportunity. Drew McIntyre came out and wanted a shot at the title, but The Visionary revealed that he would be facing Main Event "Jey Uso" next week on RAW in a World Title defense.

An infuriated McIntyre, who has been actively targeting Jey Uso, would headbutt Rollins' title accidentally, causing him to get busted open in the process.

However, Jey Uso came out to prevent the beatdown and, together with Rollins, took McIntyre out of the equation.

Jey Uso lifted the title momentarily to tease winning it before handing it back to Seth Rollins. As for McIntyre, he will face Sami Zayn next week on RAW following a backstage confrontation after this segment.