Top heel gets busted open after accidentally headbutting Seth Rollins' World Title on RAW 

Rollins was on the receiving end of an attack on RAW
Seth Rollins is the current World Heavyweight Champion

Seth Rollins came out on the RAW after WarGames to declare that he had the itch to continue to be a fighting Champion. Although he wasn't interrupted by his next challenger, a former opponent interfered and accidentally got busted open after headbutting the World Heavyweight Title.

On RAW this week, Seth Rollins was confronted by none other than Drew McIntyre, who made it clear of his disapproval of The Judgment Day after their so-called "master plan" failed to work out and their promise of serving Jey Uso to him on a platter.

While Seth Rollins was okay with a rematch against McIntyre, he revealed that his next World Heavyweight Title defense would be against "Main Event" Jey Uso next week. This infuriated McIntyre, who accidentally headbutted Rollins' title instead, getting busted open in the process.

You can see an image of the aftermath in this link over here.

He told Rollins that he had already defeated Jey Uso and was higher up in the pecking order than him. Uso would come out to make the save, and both he and Rollins took the Scotsman out and sent him packing.

Backstage, McIntyre was confronted by Sami Zayn, who made it clear how he disapproved of his actions.

McIntyre would then go on to set up a match against Sami Zayn next week on RAW.