Cody Rhodes breaks silence after WrestleMania 38 return; makes massive Triple H reference

Cody makes his return to WWE after six years, makes Triple H reference
Cody makes his return to WWE after six years, makes Triple H reference

Cody Rhodes has made his first comments since his epic return to WWE after six long years.

Tonight at WrestleMania Saturday, the former AEW star made his huge return to WWE TV. Rhodes was revealed as Seth Rollins' mystery opponent after weeks of speculation, and fans seemed quite delighted about it..

Rhodes defeated Rollins to make a big statement at The Show of Shows. In a backstage promo, he later shared his feelings about his big return. Check out Cody's full comments below:

"Everyone keeps saying the same two words, "Welcome home!" And as flattering as it is and as much as I appreciate it, I reciprocate the feeling," said Rhodes. "For the entire career of 16 years, I've run away from the spectre of Dusty Rhodes, the shadow of him is so big and so great. I finally felt like I don't have to do it anymore. May I can do it for me, and that will be doing it for him. I got a chance to go out there and do it in Texas. The last WrestleMania here, I was Stardust, and to come back and be me, the ultimate vindication and I'm very happy. They say, "Welcome home!" I say, "I'm ready to play the game!"

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Cody Rhodes' Triple H reference was noteworthy

Cody Rhodes referenced WWE legend Triple H in his backstage promo by stating that he's ready to play the game. It's common knowledge among wrestling fans that Rhodes has nothing but respect for Triple H. In the past, even when he was affiliated with AEW, Rhodes praised Triple H on many occasions.

Cody Rhodes is damn megastar & I am so happy he’s home. #Wrestlemania 📸: @kimberlasskick

In late 2019, Rhodes revealed what he would do if he was in a room alone with The Game. He stated that he would shake his hand and give him a hug as well. Cody added that Triple H taught him a lot of things while he was in WWE.

Triple H recently retired from professional wrestling, but he is still involved with WWE in a backstage capacity. It would be interesting to see his reaction to Cody Rhodes' WWE return.

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