Cody Rhodes might dethrone Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39, WWE star predicts (Exclusive)

Cody Rhodes (left); Roman Reigns (right)
Cody Rhodes (left); Roman Reigns (right)

Cody Rhodes could be the person to finally end Roman Reigns' Undisputed WWE Universal Championship run, according to RAW Superstar Austin Theory.

Reigns won the Universal Championship on August 30, 2020, before capturing the WWE Championship on April 3, 2022. The Tribal Chief will defend both titles against Rhodes in the WrestleMania 39 main event on April 1 or April 2.

In an interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling's Kevin Kellam, Theory predicted that Rhodes could leave WrestleMania with the titles.

"It's so easy to say Roman Reigns, right? Because of this immortality of a championship reign. But Cody, man, Cody gets that insane energy from the crowd, and his passion and his work ethic and the words that come out of his mouth when he's out there speaking to the WWE Universe, you can feel it. And just the stuff that's been going on lately, like with Paul Heyman, their segments together. Cody might take it, man. He might take it." [7:15 – 7:53]

Watch the video above to find out what Theory said about possibly facing a non-WWE star at WrestleMania 39.

Why Austin Theory thinks Cody Rhodes might beat Roman Reigns

Several high-profile names have lost to Roman Reigns over the last year, including Brock Lesnar, Drew McIntyre, Kevin Owens, Logan Paul, and Sami Zayn.

With dissension creeping into Reigns' Bloodline faction of late, Austin Theory believes Cody Rhodes stands a realistic chance of winning at WrestleMania.

"It's the easy way to say Roman Reigns but, man, this is a big test for Roman, and I know Roman knows that. He might have four dudes behind him or three dudes behind him, whatever it is now, a hundred dudes, however many people are in The Bloodline, but I really think he's a little worried about this one. Cody's riding that wave, man." [7:54 – 8:19]

Theory also addressed online speculation that his career was "over" after Triple H replaced Vince McMahon as WWE's creative figurehead.

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