Damian Priest officially hands R-Truth a Judgment Day role

R-Truth is a former WWE 24/7 Champion [Image credits: SonyLiv RAW and star
R-Truth is a former WWE 24/7 Champion [Image credits: SonyLiv's RAW broadcast and star's Instagram]

WWE Superstar Damian Priest recently discussed R-Truth's role in The Judgment Day.

Since the 2023 Survivor Series: WarGames Premium Live Event, Truth has been trying to become a part of The Judgment Day. The former 24/7 Champion has been featured in several segments with the fearsome faction, but the stable has yet to accept him as an official member.

In an interview on SonyLiv's WWE Super Dhamaal, Damian Priest was asked if R-Truth was a part of The Judgment Day. The Archer of Infamy confirmed that Truth wasn't a part of the faction but called him a "mascot" of the team.

"R-Truth is not in The Judgment Day. It’s like saying a mascot of a sports team. He is not on the team. He is just kinda there, works for the organization, so I would say that," Priest said. [26:32 onwards]

WWE Superstar Damian Priest teased cashing in his MITB briefcase on Seth Rollins after the latter recovers from injury

During the same interview, Damian Priest spoke about cashing in his Money in the Bank contract in the coming months.

The Judgment Day star said he was in no rush to cash in his contract as Seth Rollins was injured. Priest mentioned that he was going to wait till The Visionary recovered:

"I mean, I still got some time left. It expires on the 1st of July. I have no rush, you know. Especially going into WrestleMania season. Obviously, I'm a Monday Night RAW Superstar and Seth Rollins is a champion there, but he is not medically cleared, so I can't officially cash in on him because he cannot officially be in a match. So I kinda have to wait a little bit anyway," he said.

Many believe The Archer of Infamy will fail to cash in his MITB contract on Seth Rollins. It remains to be seen what the Stamford-based promotion has planned for Priest's future.

Do you think Damian Priest will successfully cash in at WrestleMania 40? Let us know in the comments section below.

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