Damian Priest opens up about tension with Finn Balor after WWE Money in the Bank 2023

Finn Balor and Damian Priest were not on the same page at WWE Money in the Bank!
Finn Balor and Damian Priest were not on the same page at WWE Money in the Bank!

Damian Priest addressed the tension with Finn Balor at the post-WWE Money in the Bank press conference.

The Judgment Day stars have had their differences in the weeks leading up to the Money in the Bank. The same was displayed at the event when Damian Priest walked out with his briefcase to tease a cash-in during Seth Rollins' match against Finn Balor. However, the Prince got distracted when the Archer of Infamy made a move, which led to The Visionary picking up the win.

Regardless, Priest made it clear during the post-show press conference that Balor is like a brother to him and everything is good within The Judgment Day despite recent misunderstandings.

"Look, sometimes there are misunderstandings, and to be fair, we have had few lately. But, as far as The Judgment Day is concerned or Finn Balor and I are concerned, we're brothers, everything is good. I think he wasn't sure if I was there to cash in on him, which wasn't the goal, it wasn't an idea of mine, I did not want to do that," said Priest.

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The former United States Champion continued:

"If anything, I wanted Seth to feel the pressure of me possibly cashing in and I wanted Finn to win the title. Unfortunately, it didn't happen that way. But I can't control that. Finn had the match won, he just didn't win, there is nothing I can do about it." [From 17:32 - 18:05]

Bill Apter wants WWE to give a major push to Damian Priest

Damian Priest has been on an impressive run lately and is slowly making strides as a singles wrestler. The Judgment Day star put on one of the best matches of the year at Backlash, where he was trusted by WWE to go one-on-one with Bad Bunny.

The veteran journalist Bill Apter has also been impressed with the 40-year-old and recently stated that he would like to see WWE give him a good push.

"Damian Priest has a Roman Reigns-type of look to him. He's an excellent wrestler. I have seen him on the indies. I think his interview skills are really good, and somewhere down the line, like they did with Drew McIntyre, they should take this guy slowly and make him a major, major player," said Bill Apter.

The star's journey to the main event picture started at WWE Money in the Bank, where he won the high-stakes ladder match. He has the golden opportunity to cement himself as the top star if he manages to successfully cash in the contract on any world champion.

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