Daniel Bryan discusses his "unusual" WrestleMania 37 experience, WWE future, and more

Daniel Bryan is at a crossroads in his wrestling career
Daniel Bryan is at a crossroads in his wrestling career
Nithin Joseph

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan recently had a fantastic match at WrestleMania 37, where he faced off against both Edge and Roman Reigns. To the fans, the match was brilliant, but The American Dragon claims he felt an "odd detachment" at the event.

Robbie Fox recently interviewed the former WWE Champion on My Mom's Basement, where Bryan discussed this "detachment" and his WWE future.

Daniel Bryan described the feeling as "momentary but profound" and said it made him consider his relationship with wrestling.

"It was momentary but profound," Bryan said. "So just trying to sit with that and see what does that mean, what does that mean for me, what is my relationship now to wrestling. That sort of thing. That's something that I've been talking to my wife about. I've been talking to my friends about."

He found that his colleagues understood what he was going through, but said it was unusual for him to feel this way about something he loves.

"A lot of my colleagues kind of understand that feeling even if they haven't felt it," Bryan added. "It was so weird too, because I get such joy from wrestling and to not feel that was very unusual."

Daniel Bryan claims he has nothing left to accomplish in wrestling and is now at a crossroads where must choose between the sport he loves and his family.

"I really haven't felt like I have a lot to accomplish for a long time," Bryan continued. "Accomplishing things was never my goal, I do it now because I enjoy doing it. I think the juxtposition now is how much do I wanna do it versus how much do I wanna do what I love even more, which is spending time with my kids."

Fans will be watching Daniel Bryan's next moves with a keen eye. It will be interesting to see what the Leader of the Yes Movement decides to do next in his career.

Daniel Bryan's future could be decided on SmackDown

Daniel Bryan is definitely at a crossroads, but he may not have to make the decision himself. Bryan will face Roman Reigns on this week's episode of SmackDown in a match that has huge implications for him.

He's set to challenge for the WWE Universal Championship, but will be forced to leave SmackDown for good if he's unsuccessful.

Do you think Daniel Bryan could leave WWE for a while if he loses his match to Roman Reigns? Will he switch over to a part time role? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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