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DDP details his COVID-19 symptoms, reveals that an AEW star tested positive 

Diamond Dallas Page.
Diamond Dallas Page.
Modified 15 Jul 2020, 06:03 IST

Diamond Dallas Page uploaded a video on the DDP Yoga YouTube channel, where he spoke about his experiences during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

DDP felt that his information would contribute towards educating the fans about the disease and help set the record straight regarding many misconceptions.

DDP revealed that he received a major scare when he was informed that a person he hung out with had tested positive for the virus a day later. This happened a while back, and he resumed normal life. DDP's daughter Brittney and girlfriend Paige, however, attended a bridal shower, which had 16 other people who weren't wearing masks. Seven women unfortunately contracted COVID-19 at the shower.

It was revealed that Paige and DDP began feeling sick around two to three days after the shower.

"Paige came home, Brittney had no symptoms for days but around the second or third day, I started feeling sick. Then Paige was feeling sick. We thought, 'wow, is this COVID' because our minds are gonna go right to that."

DDP's found it difficult to get tested for COVID-19

DDP explained it was tough for him to find a place to get tested, and the situation was fine until the symptoms got worse as time passed.

Here's what DDP had to say about the worsening of the COVID-19 symptoms:

"It came down and knocked us down our ass. For me, my voice got more and more raspier. I started feeling super weak. Trying to sleep was next to impossible. I felt like Big Show had a hold on my back. It was so painful. This went on for days. I was dreading going to bed because that's where I would have the most pain in my back, but Paige, she was going through something completely different than I was. "I don't event think I ever got a fever over 99. Hers was up to 102.4 a bunch of different times. She's just sweating her ass off, and then one morning when I wake up, she's out. She slept till 12:00 that day. She was like I couldn't sleep last night at all. My body started freezing."

DDP got his test results after nine days, and surprisingly enough, he tested negative while his girlfriend tested positive. DDP then called up QT Marshall. The AEW star had tested positive around 20 days ago, and he shared his experiences with DDP.

"I call up QT, who's one of the wrestlers at AEW, because he left me a message, and I heard he had COVID. He tells me 20 days ago he was tested. He's got COVID. He had three days of symptoms. Nothing after that. His wife Caroline, she came back negative. She's had one symptom after another, and she's negative. He got a another test today. It says he's still positive." H/t WrestlingInc

DDP called for everyone to wear masks, not just for their sake but also for everyone's safety. Stay safe, maintain social distancing, and just be good to each other is what DDP said while signing off.

Published 15 Jul 2020, 06:03 IST
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