Details on nixed Blake & Murphy reunion plans on WWE SmackDown (Exclusive)

Alexa Bliss, Blake, and Murphy helped build the NXT brand
Alexa Bliss, Blake, and Murphy helped build the NXT brand

Could we have seen a WWE SmackDown version of the popular NXT tag team unit - Blake and Murphy? According to former WWE star Westin Blake, he and Murphy had indeed talked about reuniting the tag team before their release.

Blake and Murphy (with Alexa Bliss at the time) were an integral part of the WWE NXT tag team division during their stint in the black and gold brand. Following Steve Cutler's release, Blake and Murphy thought about reuniting on WWE SmackDown but unfortunately, both men were released soon after.

You can check out the entire interview with the former WWE SmackDown star at this location:


Two interesting WWE SmackDown plans never really happened

So, it turns out that when Steve Cutler was released from his contract, Westin Blake had plans for a new version of the Knights of the Lone Wolf. Unfortunately, it did not happen:

I tried myself to maybe still keep working with Corbin. Maybe it's just me or maybe they'll bring somebody else in to have another Knight of the Lone Wolf. But, I think they just went ahead and scrapped that whole thing.

But from this disappointment an opportunity arose. Westin Blake thought about reuniting Blake & Murphy on WWE SmackDown. Unfortunately, those plans never came to fruition either:

That's when I started pitching ideas for Murphy and myself to kinda reunite, once they said no more Knights of the Lone Wolf. So, me and Murphy we started talking and trying to get back on TV together as a tag team. But of course, that didn't come to fruition.

Of course, Westin Blake is open to the idea of working with Murphy outside WWE. Do you feel like this is a reunion we missed out on?

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