"Do you not even remember what the formula was?" - Veteran goes off on WWE's booking (Exclusive)

Triple H took over creative reigns from Vince McMahon last year.
Triple H took over creative reigns from Vince McMahon last year.

Former head writer Vince Russo recently blasted WWE for forgetting the basics of pro wrestling and wondered if the people in charge didn't know the formula.

Russo is one of wrestling's most creative and successful minds, having worked for WWE, WCW, and IMPACT Wrestling in the past. His contributions to the sports entertainment juggernaut's most popular phase, the Attitude Era, were well documented as he worked as the promotion's head writer at the time.

On Sportskeeda Wrestling's Writing with Russo, the veteran explained when he watches WWE's programming today, he wonders if the company still knows the formula to book a compelling feud.

"Bro, swear to god, when I'm watching these shows, I'm constantly asking myself this question with creative, with Vince. Vince is older now bro, so he's probably forgotten but you got Prichard there, and I constantly ask myself. Do these guys not even know what brought you to the dance? Do you not even remember what the formula was?" said Vince Russo.

The wrestling veteran believes that either those in WWE had forgotten the recipe for success or were unable to replicate it. Vince Russo added that the key was still to build heat for the heels and have them lose to the babyfaces.

"It's either bro, you don't know what that formula was that got you there or you just don't know how to repeat it! The formula is the same, bro! Nothing has changed. Heat, heat, heat, and then pay it off with a babyface victory," added Vince Russo. [8:28 - 9:15]

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Vince Russo blasts WWE and Vince McMahon's mentality

On a recent episode of The Wrestling Outlaws, Vince Russo explained how Vince McMahon was always adamant about presenting what he liked. He added that the former WWE CEO paid little regard to what the viewers wanted. Russo thinks that although such a mentality worked in the 1980s, it doesn't work in 2023.

Vince Russo added that the promotion was unwilling to evolve with the changing times, which was now being reflected in its declining ratings.

"From Day 1; Vince is doing this for 40 years or something. Vince's mentality was always, 'I'm going to cook this; I'm going to serve it to and you're going to eat it, whether you like it or not. Now, this is the funny part about this. Over the years, look what's happening! Less and less people are eating it. So that mentality might have worked in 1980. In 2023, they ain't eating it. They ain't like it, they ain't watching it and that's what the numbers are telling you," said Vince Russo.
Vince McMahon “purposely stayed out of the way” last week at #WWERaw, making sure that people noticed that he was not involved.McMahon sat with Triple H and Bruce Prichard in gorilla position, but did not wear a headset and spent most of the time on his phone.- per @SInow

With Vince McMahon stepping down as the promotion's CEO last year, Triple H assumed creative duties, with many of his decisions striking a chord with fans.

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