"Dolph is gonna cash in" - Former WWE talent says the original plan for Dolph Ziggler was to cash in at WrestleMania 29

Dolph Ziggler is a multi-time world champion
Dolph Ziggler is a multi-time world champion

Former WWE Superstar Ricardo Rodriguez recently noted that Dolph Ziggler was supposed to cash in on Alberto Del Rio at WrestleMania 29.

Dolph Ziggler was a rising star during the early 2010s. After being repackaged, he became a singles star and began on-screen relationships with multiple female stars. In 2012, he won the SmackDown Money in the Bank ladder match, which guaranteed him a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.

Speaking on the Cafe De Rene podcast, Ricardo Rodriguez discussed the original plans for The Showoff at WrestleMania 29. Ziggler was seemingly supposed to cash in on Del Rio at the event. However, the latter denied doing the job, and the cash-in was postponed until the next night on RAW.

"It was originally supposed to happen at WrestleMania(...) So we were talking about it [match] and Triple H comes in(...) It turns out that Triple H wanted, he comes in and basically says Dolph is gonna cash in after and Alberto is like no. Pretty much like no." (From 0:42 to 1:16)

Fortunately, Ziggler got his chance the following night and cashed in on the World Heavyweight Champion after the latter's match with Jack Swagger.

Ricardo Rodriguez on why Alberto Del Rio denied Dolph Ziggler's cash in at WrestleMania 29

Alberto Del Rio won several world titles during his run with the company. In 2016, Del Rio was released from the company and has not returned to the promotion yet.

Speaking on the Cafe De Rene podcast, Ricardo Rodriguez explained why the Mexican legend denied The Showoff a chance to cash in at WrestleMania 29.

"It was promised. It was promised that Albertro was going to have a WrestleMania moment. Originally, it was supposed to happen at the first WrestleMania [27]. But because of Edge's injury, the plans were changed." (From 1:22 to 1:33)

Del Rio later defeated Dolph Ziggler at Payback 2013 to secure the World Heavyweight Championship once again. It will be interesting to see if the veteran will make his return to WWE moving forward.

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