"Don't forget where you come from" - WWE Hall of Famer takes a savage shot at John Cena over his WrestleMania 39 performance (Exclusive)

The leader of the Cenation had one of his least memorable WrestleMania performances
The Leader of the Cenation had one of his least memorable WrestleMania performances

John Cena perhaps had one of his weakest WrestleMania performances of his career this year when he lost to Austin Theory in the opening match of the weekend. WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long recently took some savage shots at the Leader of the Cenation.

The 16-time world champion has been missing from action since foraying into Hollywood. Cena recently returned to WWE ahead of WrestleMania to confront Austin Theory. On Night One of the Show of Shows, the United States Champion defeated the veteran in a match that was not well received by the wrestling fraternity.

On the latest episode of The Wrestling Time Machine, host Mac Davis asked legendary journalist Bill Apter and former SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long about their thoughts on the John Cena-Austin Theory match. The consensus was that it was a disappointment and that it didn't elevate the youngster the way it was meant to.

Teddy Long gave his input and took a shot at John Cena by saying that his heart isn't in wrestling anymore.

"I'm just old school and I just always believe in doing business, and I just don't think Cena did business. I don't know this, but I feel that Cena is basically going to spend the rest of his career on Hollywood doing movies and stuff. I don't know. I don't want to say this, but I don't think his heart is in wrestling like it used to be. He's thinking ahead to the movies and stuff now." [1:46 - 2:12]

The WWE Hall of Famer then said that he doesn't have an issue with Cena furthering his career but criticized him for not doing business with Theory.

"If you want to go and do something else, nothing's wrong with that. Further your career, do better, I'm for that all the way. But, don't forget where you come from. Back in the day, a guy that was in the territory, if he was going to leave for a good bit, then he would always leave the guy that's left in the territory strong. I think he could have had a way better match with the kid than he did because I've seen him work in the ring before." [2:21 - 2:58]

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A mind-blowing stat about John Cena's last singles victory in WWE has come to the fore

It's incredible to think about it, but John Cena's last singles victory came five years ago in the Greatest Royal Rumble event in Saudi Arabia when he defeated Triple H.

He has won many matches since then, but they have all been in tag team matches. His most recent win came right at the end of 2022 on December 30, when he teamed up with Kevin Owens to defeat Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn.

With his eyes firmly set on Hollywood, it remains to be seen whether the multi-time world champion will return to the ring any time soon and who his next opponent is going to be.

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