Drew McIntyre discusses Drake Maverick's WWE future [Exclusive]

Drew McIntyre opened up on the future of his friend Drake Maverick
Drew McIntyre opened up on the future of his friend Drake Maverick

At WrestleMania 36, Drew McIntyre made history by becoming the first-ever Scottish and British WWE Champion following 19 long years of trying which saw the Ayr-born Superstar released from the company at one point too. Sadly, one of WWE's other British Superstars, Drake Maverick, found himself released - but still has an opportunity to salvage his career.

Maverick, also known as Rockstar Spud in his pre-WWE days, was released due to cost-cutting measures that saw WWE release over 35 Superstars to combat the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Immediately after his release, the former 205 Live General Manager took to social media to share his thoughts in a heartbreaking video that saw the entire WWE Universe get behind the NXT Superstar.


Sportskeeda meets Drew McIntyre

I had the pleasure of chatting with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre this week and asked him about the recent freedom he's experienced by doing unscripted promos, which led to us chatting about his friend and colleague Drake Maverick, whose WWE career is currently up in the air. McIntyre, who has experienced being released from the company, had high praise for the NXT Superstar.

You can watch the entire clip below, or read on for more.


"It's the real Drake Maverick. That's the real Spud. He is very, very passionate about this industry, much like myself. He's always wanted to do it. He's gave his entire life to it. You know, again, in the situation that he was in, he just put his heart on his sleeve and just told the world, 'I'm still going to keep doing this'. He would and he'd be successful wherever he went - but I think he's so capable of multiple different roles, not just in the ring."

McIntyre went on to say that he believes Drake Maverick will be in WWE for a very long time.

"He's so talented when it comes to his mind. He could be writing the show, he could be helping with characters, he can be on the show, he can be a manager. He's so multitalented and I do think, going off of this storyline, which he created himself, he will be around and he's going to have a long future here, not just on camera but off-camera, too."

A huge thank you to Drew McIntyre for taking the time to chat with us, and to WWE UK for setting up the interview.

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