Drew McIntyre is ready to take off the gloves against a professional boxer (Exclusive) 

Drew McIntyre believes a huge PPV match is possible
Drew McIntyre believes a huge PPV match is possible

Former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is one of the greatest professional athletes to come out of the United Kingdom. He has recently become embroiled in a back-and-forth with fellow UK athlete and professional boxer Tyson Fury.

In an interview with Rick Ucchino and Kevin Kellam on The inSide Kradle podcast, Drew McIntyre believes a potential WWE match between himself and Tyson Fury is very likely, and that he would love to have the match in the United Kingdom. He thinks this match could be the biggest wrestling pay-per-view to come to the UK since Summerslam 1992.

"The way things are today with the Network being on Peacock now... we can do them across the world. It [McIntyre versus Fury] is possible. I think it's gonna happen. I think it should happen and I do believe that McIntyre and Fury, a couple of the UK's most successful sons, would put more eyeballs on the product. We could really turn some heads with that match," McIntyre declared.


Tyson Fury has challenged Drew McIntyre

It is important to note that Drew McIntyre isn't the one who challenged Fury. The Gypsy King was the first to call out the Scottish Warrior, issuing a 'challenge video' in August 2020.

Tyson Fury tweeted a video in which he called McIntyre a 'greasy chump'. Drew responded that he isn't some 'normal bum' people pick fights with.

McIntyre confirmed that his back-and-forth with Fury is still continuing, and even suggested that Fury is stalking him as he sees social media messages from the boxer every day. You can read more here.

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