"It is frustrating" - Drew McIntyre on recent botch on WWE SmackDown

Drew McIntyre opens up about a botch
Drew McIntyre opens up about a botch

WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre has opened up about the fireball botch that happened on SmackDown.

McIntyre is currently in a feud with Karrion Kross on WWE SmackDown. During a recent faceoff between the two stars, Kross' valet Scarlett threw a fireball at the Scotsman which missed McIntyre.

The former WWE Champion spoke about the incident in an interview with My San Antonio. The Scottish Warrior said that it is frustrating when plans don't come to fruition in the ring and how he had to call an audible to change things around.

"It is frustrating when it is something that should be ready to go on a live television show. But at the same time, it is a live television show, and it is not my first day. So, I know things don’t always go like they are supposed to go. Hence, why I didn’t fall down and hold my face because I don’t trust anything after 20 years in wrestling. I just reacted until I knew everything is OK, and then someone got the cue, and it was not OK. So, I called what I had to call, and we got the save at the end and got the bad guy reaction and putting some heat on the new characters on the show," said McIntyre.

The current feud with McIntyre is Kross' first since his return to WWE last month.

What was supposed to happen in the segment between Kross, Scarlett and McIntyre on WWE SmackDown?

Reports have suggested that the original plan for the segment between Kross, Scarlett and McIntyre would've seen Scarlett throw a fireball at McIntyre, leading to him being attended to by doctors.

Flanked by @Lady_Scarlett13, @realKILLERkross lays out why @DMcIntyreWWE is the focus of his wrath and mocks his #ExtremeRules Strap Match opponent. #SmackDown

After Scarlett's attempt at throwing the fireball missed McIntyre, the Scotsman called an audible where Scarlett landed a lowblow on the Scotsman and Kross put him in his submission hold, the Kross Jacket.

McIntyre and Kross will face off for the first time at this coming weekend's Extreme Rules show and will face off in a Strap match.

Are you excited for the match between Drew McIntyre and Karrion Kross at Extreme Rules? Leave a comment below.

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