Drew McIntyre discloses when he knew he would be a WWE Superstar

Drew McIntyre knew he was destined for greatness
Drew McIntyre knew he was destined for greatness
Nithin Joseph

Drew McIntyre has become one of WWE's top superstars thanks to some stellar performances over the past few years. He won the WWE Championship twice and finds himself in contention for the title once again.

It was a long journey to get to the top, but the Scottish Warrior knew he was destined for it at a young age.

Drew McIntyre recently shared a story with the Daily Star about how he learned he would become an entertainer. For him, "entertainer" meant WWE Superstar.

The former WWE Champion visited a fortune teller at the age of 10 in the city of Blackpool, who spared no detail in predicting that he would be a "famous entertainer."

"I had my reading and she went into a lot of detail. I was conscious of not saying a word and not giving any clues. And she said I’d be a very famous entertainer. All I heard from ‘famous entertainer’ was that I’m going to make it in the WWE. It’s official, she said it, so it’s going to be so," McIntrye disclosed.

The prophecy came true since in 2020, The King of Claymore Country hoisted the WWE Championship on his broad shoulders.

One can only wonder how much Drew McIntyre's career and life would've changed if the fortune teller had told him something else.

Drew McIntyre is a fan of the paranormal

The Scottish Warrior has always been intrigued by strange things, including the paranormal, UFOs, and conspiracy theories. He shared an interesting story about how he got a response from the FBI on one such letter he wrote to them when he was just 11 years old.

McIntyre was obsessed with a magazine called the X-Files in the UK. This prompted him to write a letter to the FBI under the Freedom of Information Act.

"When I was 11, I believe I was at the time, I used to have a subscription to a magazine called X Factor in the UK. It covered a lot of different areas: Conspiracy theories, unsolved crimes, strange insects, you know, ghosts, UFOs– such a variety of weird topics I was into at the time," he told The Wrap.

The FBI responded with all the information Drew McIntyre requested, which is a cool story all by itself.

So would you call Drew's ascent fate? Or would you say it was a strange coincidence and there's no such thing as crystal-ball gazing? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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