Drew McIntyre on which WWE NXT 2.0 star immediately caught his eye

Drew McIntyre has always had a good eye for talent.
Drew McIntyre has always had a good eye for talent.

Bron Breakker has not only caught the eye of the WWE Universe but former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre as well.

Drew McIntyre recently took part in a media scrum in Glasgow via Inside the Ropes ahead of a WWE live event in the United Kingdom to discuss all things WWE. When asked who on the WWE NXT 2.0 roster stands out to him, McIntyre immediately pointed out Bron Breakker.

"Yeah, I was watching the first show and live tweeting along as I was paying close attention," Drew McIntyre began. "I was curious how the new format would look. There are some talents that really caught my eye. Steiner's kid, Bron Breakker caught my attention right away. He is clearly an athlete of a high level. He looks great, talks like his uncle, which is awesome. I see a big future for him. If he stays on the right path [and] keeps working hard like he's clearly doing."

Drew McIntyre offers advice to everyone currently in WWE NXT

Drew McIntyre was also asked to give some advice to the young WWE NXT 2.0 roster and provided some words of wisdom for anyone on the roster that might be listening.

"Stay the course, don't get ahead of yourself," Drew McIntyre said. "You don't have to have everything right now, especially if you're kind of inexperienced. Make the most of the time you've got in NXT, especially the non-televised shows. Remember, it’s 52 weeks a year.
"I used to drive myself crazy if everything wasn't happening right now, but it's the long game in WWE because we are nonstop, no reruns, no offseason, every single week. Just take your time, learn your craft, be patient, and don't believe everything everyone says on social media be it positive or negative. Just listen to the people around you. They've been around for a long time and it'll be fun."
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Do you see Bron Breakker being a big star for WWE in the future? Do you think he'll eventually be able to use the Steiner name? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

Thanks to Fightful for the transcription of the media scrum.

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