"I don't even care" โ€“ Former WWE manager shares honest opinion on fan sign teasing Bray Wyatt's return (Exclusive)

Bray Wyatt is a three-time World Champion in WWE
Bray Wyatt is a three-time World Champion in WWE

Ex-WWE employee Dutch Mantell recently spoke about a mysterious fan sign on this week's SmackDown, seemingly indicating Bray Wyatt's return.

Over the last few weeks, WWE has been throwing several teasers about the White Rabbit on their programming. The hints seem to point towards the potential return of a massive star. This week on SmackDown, a fan carried a sign that read, "Revel in what you are." WWE did not address the sign, increasing fan speculation on social media.

On the latest Smack Talk episode, Mantell stated that he did not understand the messaging behind the sign. He felt that WWE had stretched out the angle to the point where he had started losing interest.

"I knew it was a planted sign. I just don't know what it means and I didn't even know that it related to the white rabbit. And at this point, I don't even care," Mantell said. "Wrestling fans are funny. They get p**sed off, 'Man I'll never come back to this c**p again.' Guess what? Next week, they're back there. 'Oh, I got over it. I'm gonna give them one more chance.' And they go in there again." [26:56 - 28:09]

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Dutch Mantell feels Bray Wyatt was not a huge draw for WWE

In another interview this week, the wrestling veteran said that he didn't find The Eater of Worlds to be a big draw for the company. He detailed that the third-generation superstar couldn't connect to the fans as a top heel.

"Well, I don't think he was drawing that well to tell you the truth. This is what I never understood about Bray Wyatt or the family - they didn't really cheat to win. They just beat you up. So where's the heat in that?"

Wyatt has been away from WWE since his abrupt release in July last year. His last match was at WrestleMania 37 in a losing cause against Randy Orton.

#WWE announced Bray Wyatt has been released.He last wrestled at #WrestleMania 37 in April, losing a match against Randy Orton. He made an appearance on RAW the next night for a Firefly Fun House segment. Wyatt first signed with #WWE back in 2009.

It will be interesting to see if the former Universal Champion is indeed the man behind the White Rabbit saga.

Do you think WWE is gearing up for a Bray Wyatt return with these teasers? Let us know your predictions in the comments section below.

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