EC3 discloses what he spoke to Brock Lesnar about for 10 minutes in their only interaction (Exclusive)

What did the 2-time World Champion say to Brock Lesnar in their sole interaction?
What did the two-time World Champion say to Brock Lesnar?

Brock Lesnar is considered one of the most intimidating figures in the company. For years, his reputation of being anti-social and unfriendly followed him, and he did little to change people's minds. Former WWE star EC3 revealed what he spoke to The Beast Incarnate for about 10 minutes.

EC3 made his main roster debut in December 2018, and his WWE run ended in April 2020 due to budget cuts. His main roster stint turned out to be a short-lived disappointment, as he wasn't even allowed to speak on the microphone.

AEW World Champion Jon Moxley even revealed that EC3 was thrown under the bus because he failed to get cheered against him in a live event. Since then, he has started his own promotion, "Control Your Narrative" (CYN).

On the latest episode of Sportskeeda's The Wrestling Outlaws, EC3 said that while he hasn't had a professional on-screen interaction with Brock Lesnar, he approached him backstage and spoke about his cowboy hat:

"I've never had a super professional in-ring interaction [with Brock Lesnar], but when he's backstage, I think he's still a part of the old guard - alpha and confident in himself that he knows new guys fear talking to him. I'm like, 'This guy is there thinking that everybody is afraid of him, so I'm just going to go walk right up to him and start talking to him'. And I walk up to him and I'm like, 'Hey Buddy, how are you? Good to see you!' and then we're talking about his cowboy hat for ten minutes." (8:36-9:10)

You can watch the full video below:


Other legends have had only positive things to say about Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar's impression in real life has changed over the years. Superstars like CM Punk have called him a "sweetheart," while Vickie Guerrero revealed that Lesnar told her he misses Eddie Guerrero all the time.

R-Truth said that The Beast Incarnate praised him for making him break character on-screen in early 2020.

Most interesting is what Drew McIntyre had to say about Lesnar and their interaction years before they faced off in the main event of WrestleMania. He revealed that Lesnar pulled him aside during his 3MB days and let him know that he thought he could be doing so much better:

"I remember it well. Brock was not long back at that point from UFC. He pulled me aside, and he straight-up asked me, ‘Why are you involved in this?’ He was so confused, but he saw something in me and believed in me. It’s pretty crazy, all these years later, I was the guy to take the title from him at WrestleMania."

By all means, Lesnar seems to be introverted, but not unapproachable. As with Vince McMahon, the unapproachable factor seems to have built up over time.

In reality, the actual picture painted of Lesnar off-screen is that of a humble-yet-confident veteran who is happy to help others when asked.

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