Former WWE Superstar responds to accusation made by Velveteen Dream

EC3 was accused of abusing drugs by Velveteen Dream
EC3 was accused of abusing drugs by Velveteen Dream

Patrick Clark, formerly known as Velveteen Dream in WWE, recently took to Instagram Live to make severe allegations against fellow NXT alum EC3 (real name Michael Hutter). The latter has now responded to the former's claims.

The accusation saga began when the founder of Control Your Narrative, on a recent appearance of SportsKeeda's "The Wrestling Outlaws," accused Clark of filming people in bathrooms without their consent. The claims were said to have happened back when the two worked together.

On a recent live stream, Dream responded to these accusations. He claimed that during a party at Hutter's house in 2017-18, he was very drunk when he accused the former NXT North American Champion of filming people. Patrick claimed that he showed his phone to a mutual friend of theirs present at the party, who then confirmed that the former had not clicked any elicit pictures of anyone present there. Here is the clip of the stream.

After the bombshell of a video posted by Velveteen Dream, PWInsider reached out to EC3, who had this to say about the situation -

β€œIn life, I forgive everyone for everything that has been done to me. I personally have never failed a drug test from any employer, nor been arrested for drug usage, paraphernalia, assault, battery, or any inappropriate behavior. My forgiveness includes Patrick Clark for setting up a video recording device in the bathroom of my home. As far as any other accusations and allegations against him, I hope that he finds the help he needs.”
Patrick Clark (Velveteen Dream) responded to EC3 on IG Live.

Velveteen Dream suggests that EC3 was abusing drugs at the party

In the same IG Live session, Velveteen Dream suggested that drugs were being abused at a party hosted by EC3. This was the same party where the former Impact World Champion believed that Clark was recording people nude in the bathroom.

While going on about how drunk Top One Percent was, he said that a certain powder was on the table at the party.

"EC3, you go out here after I give you the best match you've ever had in your entire career, I'm tired of people throwing dirt on my name. You throw this dirt on my name saying that I tried to record you in your bathroom. Let's be honest Mike (EC3), you are leaving out a lot of details. What were we doing that night Mike? What type of powder was on the table Mike? Okay? So let’s be real. Let's not leave out all the details." (01:39 - 02:07)
Well Velveteen Dream just outright admitted he and a bunch of NXT wrestlers were doing cocaine while on the roster Word always was he was quietly suspended for it while there

Dream also claimed that a superstar currently on Monday Night RAW was present at the party as well. He ended the video by saying "c*caine is a h*ll of a drug" - almost certainly accusing EC3, and everyone present at the event of abusing it.

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