Edge opens up on controversial RAW segment amid Peacock censorship

Edge and Lita
Edge and Lita's live "Sex Celebration" (Credit: WWE)

Edge has gone into detail on his feelings over the live "Sex Celebration" he participated in with Lita back in 2006.

Speaking to Sports Illustrated, Edge and host Jimmy Traina discussed NBC and Peacock's current censorship of WWE Network material. On the same topic, The Rated-R Superstar was quizzed on his controversial Monday Night RAW segment.

Edge confessed the segment is something he doesn't really think about, but used it as an example of how censorship may go too far, if followed too strictly.

When asked whether or not the "Sex Celebration" would pass censorship demands in 2021, here's what Edge had to say:

"You know, I don’t really think about it! To be honest I think it’s just one of those I just think I kind of erased. I don’t put a whole lot of thought into it to be honest. But I guess if you’re looking at it from the terms of, it’s a TV show, right, so you go “OK. Well, if you look at a movie, there’s sex scenes.” I was on Vikings, and Vikings is going to be on Peacock as of today, my character beheaded people and put their heads on spikes. Didn’t really! But I also didn’t really have sex in the wrestling ring. So I think that’s a confusing thing with wrestling. For some reason it gets put into a different category than another production. I’ve never fully grasped that, but I don’t think anybody ever fully grasps where do you put it?"

While controversial, the "Sex Celebration" segment earned RAW its highest ratings in over a year, falling the night after Edge cashed in his Money in the Bank contract on a bloodied John Cena to become WWE Champion.

Edge comments on Steve Austin vs. Brian Pillman storyline

Brian Pillman stunned audiences in his controversial scene with Steve Austin.
Brian Pillman stunned audiences in his controversial scene with Steve Austin.

Citing another dramatic example from WWE's past, Edge talked about the iconic "Pillman's Got a Gun" angle between Brian Pillman and Stone Cold Steve Austin from 1996, and the controversy that arose from it.

Once again, Edge defended the angle as pure fiction, despite how many people were outraged at the time.

"Clearly, his name is not “Stone Cold.” Clearly Brian’s name was not “Loose Canon.” We’re playing characters, and I’ve never fully understood that, “Oh, well, it’s just entertainment. But you can’t do that.” Why? You just said it was entertainment? I never fully figured that out, where it falls."

What do you think? Is Peacock right to censor some of WWE's edgier content? Let us know in the comments below.

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Edited by Kaushik Das
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