Eric Bischoff on Roman Reigns possibly leaving WWE soon

Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns
Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns

Eric Bischoff recently gave his thoughts on the possibility of Roman Reigns winding down his WWE career to focus on acting.

Reigns significantly reduced his in-ring schedule in April 2022 after wrestling full-time for most of the last decade. He followed his real-life relative The Rock into acting in 2019, playing a small role in the Fast & Furious spinoff Hobbs & Shaw.

On the Strictly Business podcast, Bischoff agreed with host Jon Alba that the WWE Superstar could soon transition into Hollywood:

"Roman has been on top, and even before he was on top he was being positioned aggressively to be on top, for such a long time that if I'm Roman and I know my bank account's good, my investment portfolio's good, and I'm still young enough and healthy enough, especially given his circumstances, I wanna get out while the getting's good, brother, and step into the next phase of my life." [12:14 – 12:49]

Reigns is arguably the biggest star in wrestling right now. The Undisputed WWE Universal Champion has not lost via pinfall in singles competition since Baron Corbin defeated him at TLC 2019.

Eric Bischoff briefly worked with Roman Reigns

In June 2019, then-WWE Chairman Vince McMahon hired Eric Bischoff as SmackDown's Executive Director. During the former WCW executive's unsuccessful four-month return, Roman Reigns was one of the biggest names on the blue brand.

Bischoff jokingly added that the former Shield member was inspired to get into wrestling after watching his WCW promos:

"I don't know Roman. I've been around him a bunch of times working, cordial, 'Hey, how are you? What's going on? Good match.' He would always tell me what a great interview I was. He told me he grew up watching me on TV. He said one of the reasons he got into wrestling is because of watching my promos. You believe that?! If you do, you're an idiot because it's not true!" [12:51 – 13:13]

Reigns teamed up with Sami Zayn in a losing effort against Kevin Owens and the returning John Cena on SmackDown last week. His next televised title defense is reportedly set to take place at the Royal Rumble on January 28 (possible spoilers).

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