"An amazing performer" - Eric Bischoff wants to write WWE star's retirement storyline

Eric Bischoff has high praise for a top star
Eric Bischoff is former RAW general manager

WWE legend Eric Bischoff has lavished praise on former world champion Randy Orton, calling him one of the most consistent wrestlers.

Randy Orton has had an incredible Hall of Fame-worthy career in WWE, which has spanned two decades. The Viper has held a number of titles in the company and is a fourteen-time world champion. He was recently the RAW Tag Team Champion alongside Matt Riddle as part of RK-Bro.

During an episode of his 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff was asked by a fan about a current star's storyline that he would like to write for. The Hall of Famer said that he's a huge fan of Randy Orton and would like to be involved in writing The Viper's retirement story.

"I would like to be on the team to write Randy Orton's retirement story, like there's going to be a point in time when Randy's ready to cash it in. I'd love to be on the team to write that one Randy Orton you know we haven't seen a lot of them lately, you know he kind of comes in and comes out."

Bischoff further added that Orton is an "amazing performer" and has a wide range.

"Holy smokes, what an amazing performer, and he, like not to the same degree as Kurt [Angle] or Dolph [Ziggler], but Randy's got a lot more range than we've seen. He's really, really talented. Is there a more consistent, more fluid [wrestler]? And he's a big man, he's not a 160-pound guy. But, in the ring, he's so fluid and he makes everything look so easy for him. He's an amazing, amazing performer," said Bischoff. [1:32:10 - 1:32:55]

Bischoff stressed that he may not want to write the Orton retirement story by himself but would like to be on the team that writes it.

What's the current status of WWE star Randy Orton?

The former WWE Champion is currently on the sidelines due to a back injury and is potentially set to miss the rest of the year.

As mentioned above, prior to his injury, Orton was teaming up with Riddle, and the two held the RAW Tag Team Titles before losing it to The Usos in a tag team title unification match.

I legit can’t wait for @RandyOrton’s presence to grace our screens once again, been too long.

It will be interesting to see if Orton teams up with Riddle when he returns from injury. He could also chase another world title to get closer to John Cena's 16 world title reigns.

The Viper was recently spotted on his wife Kim Orton's Instagram Live video. During the session, he made an interesting comment about fellow WWE star Bobby Lashley.

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