Ex-WWE Champion to officially announce his retirement after Clash at the Castle, analyst says; in a major storyline swerve featuring The Bloodline

Paul Heyman has named Solo Sikoa as the new Head of the Table (Image Credits: WWE.com)
Paul Heyman has named Solo Sikoa as the new Head of the Table (Image credits: wwe.com)

Retirement angles in pro wrestling, particularly in WWE, are used to intensify rivalries. The most recent instance is the ongoing program between AJ Styles and Cody Rhodes. Wrestling analyst Sam Roberts recently discussed the potential outcome of their impending match at the Clash at the Castle Premium Live Event.

After failing to get another crack at the Undisputed WWE Championship, The Phenomenal One staged his fake retirement to get The American Nightmare's attention and a shot at his title in Scotland this weekend. The two stalwarts will slug it out in an "I Quit" Match, a stipulation laid down by Cody Rhodes.

On the Notsam Wrestling podcast, WWE personality Sam Roberts recently said AJ Styles could lose on Saturday and appear on the following SmackDown to announce his retirement, but for real this time:

"What you could do is have AJ Styles lose and he says I quit and he gets up and shakes Cody's hand. He gets on SmackDown the following Friday, and he says, 'You know, guys, I did everything that I could to get one more chance before I have to call it quits. I really do. I wasn't lying in anything that I said in the blue jacket promo that I gave," Roberts said.

He mentioned that the aforementioned angle could set the stage for a feud between The Bloodline and The O.C. while allowing Styles to turn into a babyface in the process:

"Cody gave me the fight of my life twice. I never thought I would have to say those words once, but I may be saying more than once.' Everybody goes, 'No way! Is this a real AJ Styles retirement?' And that's when the Bloodline swoops in and attacks. That's a place you could go The O.C. vs. The Bloodline with AJ kind of becoming a babyface after losing to Cody Rhodes," Roberts added. (47:30 - 48:37)

Check out the full episode below.


Is Cody Rhodes' Undisputed WWE Championship reign in jeopardy?

Cody Rhodes has already beaten AJ Styles once at the Backlash France Premium Live Event last month. The second chapter of their feud should be no different as WWE tends to book babyfaces to win in 'I Quit' matches.

However, Sam Roberts thinks it wouldn't be a bad idea to give Styles a month-long title reign to extend the rivalry through the summer:

"What if we put the title on AJ Styles for a month? You could give it right back to Cody in July. You could put the title back on Cody at Money in the Bank. AJ Styles gonna hold that title for three weeks."

With the window seemingly closing on The Phenomenal One's in-ring career, it will be interesting to see whether he outsmarts The American Nightmare and secures the prestigious prize one last time.

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