Former WWE employee outraged with Dominik Mysterio for huge blunder on social media (Exclusive)

Dominik Mysterio turned his back on his father and joined The Judgment Day
Dominik Mysterio turned his back on his father and joined The Judgment Day

Former WWE head writer Vince Russo recently reprimanded Dominik Mysterio for breaking kayfabe on social media.

The 25-year-old recently turned his back on his father, Rey Mysterio, to join hands with The Judgment Day. Rhea Ripley played a huge role in the youngster turning to the dark side. The Eradicator continues to be a constant voice in his ear, bringing out the nefarious side of Dominik.

On this week's episode of Writing with Russo, the former WWE writer pointed out a major blunder that Mysterio committed on social media. Russo stated that the youngster should have refrained from posting pictures with his real-life girlfriend on social media.

Russo detailed that a special occasion may have warranted the need for a picture, but the timing of it just didn't make sense.

"Bro, these guys, Dominik Mysterio. You can't be posting pictures of you and your girlfriend on social media, like come on. What are we doing? Why? I don't know, like if it's maybe the birth of a child, if it's something really important. I don't get it bro." [16:41 - 17:10]

You can watch the full video here:


Dominik Mysterio picked up a huge win over Shelton Benjamin on WWE RAW

Things seem to be finally turning up for Dominik Mysterio, as he inflicted a huge upset on veteran star Shelton Benjamin during the latest episode of RAW.

The Judgment Day member mocked the former tag team champion backstage, leading to a match between the two later in the night. During the clash, Benjamin took the fight to the youngster and looked like securing an easy win for himself.

However, Dominik, with the help of his stablemates, planted Benjamin with a Five-star Frog Splash to pick up a massive win on WWE RAW. It remains to be seen whether the rivalry will continue in the near future.

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