"This is how you gotta do angles" - Ex-WWE personality explains how The Bloodline could be utilized the most amid tension between the group (Exclusive)

The Bloodline continued their winning run on this week
The Bloodline continued their winning run on this week's SmackDown

Dutch Mantell has explained how The Bloodline's storyline could lure interest from new fans.

Speaking on the latest edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling's Smack Talk, Mantell claimed that the tension between Sami Zayn and Jey Uso could be pretty intriguing for new viewers.

After Zayn and Solo Sikoa's tag team win on this week's SmackDown, Jey confronted The Honorary Uce again during a backstage segment. While speaking about the angle, Mantell highlighted that The Bloodline's latest interaction was good storytelling.

"Let me go into our locker room. Then he just walked by him and Jey was like helpless to stop him. Jey is the one that doesn't like him, right? Jey didn't look happy at all, so, like I said, they are building it right. So if I'm a new fan, let's just picture, this is how you gotta do angles. If a new fan sits down then he sees that, now he's saying, 'Wait a minute, what's the heat between the Uso kid and Zayn. Now he wants to know and that lets you in on it and then somebody can tell him or he can go back and watch," said Dutch Mantell.
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Mantell further discussed the spot between Zayn and Jey from this week's show. The former on-screen manager was quite impressed with the idea behind the angle.

"To me, if I just saw that part of it, that would interest me a little bit to investigate a little further. That's when you know angles are working, people start saying, 'What is really going on here?' But it was a good spot, I don't know who came up with that. It was good," added Dutch Mantell. [13:15]

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Dutch Mantell is highly impressed with The Bloodline storyline

During the same Smack Talk show, Dutch Mantell claimed that WWE had done a perfect job with The Bloodline's ongoing program.

He also stated that at one point, WWE might've teased the idea of Solo Sikoa betraying The Honorary Uce. Mantell said:

"Well, Sami Zayn doesn't have bad matches. Period. He's in Canada, so that's why they cheered him so he's gonna get a reaction from there and in the States, people don't like him, so they will boo him. But I think, Solo Sikoa, When they got into it at the end, he was kicking the hell out of [Madcap] Moss. It almost led you to believe that he was going to turn on Sami there a little bit too and they stopped. Well, they have done this angle almost perfect. So whatever they do next, you're gonna notice."
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The Bloodline has been on a winning run as of late. The Usos were victorious over Brawling Brutes in an incredible tag title defense last week. Meanwhile, Zayn has also picked up two consecutive wins this week.

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