Former WCW Champion recently contacted Baron Corbin for an insane WWE pitch (Exclusive)

Baron Corbin has been in WWE for over 10 years.
Baron Corbin has been in WWE for over a decade.

Former WWE writer Vince Russo recently revealed that he reached out to Baron Corbin with a hilarious and inventive character pitch.

The former Intercontinental Champion has been in a slump lately, losing most of his matches on the main roster in 2023. Corbin has undergone numerous character transformations in WWE over the years with mixed results. The 38-year-old's recent move to NXT has seemingly put him on track as he defeated Trick Williams this week and has set his sights on Carmelo Hayes' NXT Championship.

Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling's Writing with Russo, Vince Russo revealed that he recently contacted Baron Corbin for a pitch. The former WCW Champion explained that after all his transformations fizzled out, Corbin would resort to getting over with the fans by hook or crook despite being a heel.

"So I reached out to him recently. 'Can I pitch you something if you don't mind?' He goes, 'At this point, I'm willing to hear anything.' So I said, this gimmick has never ever been done before. I said, 'Go with this as a shoot where you've gone through all these transformations, and nothing has worked for a long period of time. So, you finally come to the conclusion; the bottom line is, I gotta get over with the fans.' That's all that matters. Once I'm over with the fans like Sami and Kevin, and Seth, once I'm over, they've got to put me out every week," said Vince Russo." [1:04 - 1:46]

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WWE veteran Vince Russo on Baron Corbin's "Babyface Corbin" pitch

Russo added that Baron Corbin's gimmick would be randomly rescuing other babyfaces even though he didn't care about them.

The former WWE writer even mentioned that the former IC Champion would be called "Babyface Corbin."

"So, bro, I suggested his gimmick be, all he does is, he saves the babyfaces. And bro, he could care less about them. He's still a heel, he could care less about them, but he knows it's gonna get him over with the fans. I said, 'Call yourself Babyface Baron, and you just save the babyfaces; you don't give a cr*p about them,'" added Vince Russo. [1:47 - 2:15]

It remains to be seen how things go down for Baron Corbin in the developmental brand and whether he wins the WWE NXT Championship from Carmelo Hayes.

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