Former WCW Champion reveals what makes Hulk Hogan "the greatest of all time" (Exclusive)

Hulk Hogan is a 6-time WWE Champion.
Hulk Hogan is a six-time WWE Champion.

Former WWE writer Vince Russo recently opened up about what makes Hulk Hogan the greatest to step foot inside the squared circle.

Chris Jericho got the wrestling fans buzzing when he stated that The Hulkster was a better worker than Ric Flair. The AEW star explained that Hogan knew his audience and didn't have to do anything out of the box to please them. This led to a heated debate among fans of both legends, which hasn't died down yet.

On the latest episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling's The Wrestling Outlaws, Vince Russo mentioned how Ric Flair's matches had more than what just met the eye. He added that, unlike The Nature Boy's layered matches, Hulk Hogan stuck to his "textbook" style and got the fans cheering, no matter who his opponent was.

Vince Russo feels the fact that Hogan didn't have to alter his wrestling style as per his opponents and stuck to his "recipe" makes him the greatest of all time.

"I tend to feel like Flair's matches, there was just more to them. They were longer matches, there were more bumps. There was a little bit more substance to Flair's matches. Hogan's matches were textbook, and it's kind of like what Jericho said, I think Hogan could have gone out there and had that match with anybody and gotten it over. So I think Hogan had a really, really simple recipe that worked, that he stuck to, and made him the greatest of all time," said Vince Russo. (4:08 - 4:54)

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Jim Cornette was not happy with Chris Jericho's comments about Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair

Among those who vehemently disagree with Chris Jericho's opinion is wrestling veteran Jim Cornette.

He didn't hold back before blasting the AEW star on his Drive Thru podcast, saying The Ocho was trying to "s*ck up" to Hulk Hogan by claiming he was a better worker than a revered in-ring master like Ric Flair.

"It depends on, as I just said, what kind of working. But just to make a blanket statement that Hogan was a better worker than Flair and the connotation that that would give, he's trying to s*ck up to Hogan for some reason, Jericho is. I'm just not sure what," said Cornette.

Considering everyone has their own taste in wrestling, there's no concrete answer to who's the greater among Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair.

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