Former WCW titleholder appears in backstage altercation between Bron Breakker and another WWE Superstar

Bron Breakker is the current NXT Champion
Bron Breakker is the current NXT Champion

Former WCW star and current NXT coach Norman Smiley made an appearance during a recent altercation involving Bron Breakker and Grayson Waller at the WWE Performance Center.

Smiley has been with WWE since 2007, which was the same year he wrestled his final match on an episode of Sunday Night Heat. A former two-time WCW Hardcore Champion, Smiley began making on-screen appearances for FCW in 2010, a promotion that would serve as the company's developmental before NXT.

In the video, Smiley can be seen berating Grayson Waller for throwing a water bottle at Breakker, a move that fell on deaf ears. Despite his best efforts, he was unable to stop the two men from clashing and joined several NXT recruits in trying to break up the brawl.

Bron Breakker was not playing with with Grayson Waller in the slightest 😭😭

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Other WWE stars are feeling the repercussions of the backstage incident between Grayson Waller and Bron Breakker

Bron Breakker successfully defended the NXT Championship against Grayson Waller at Deadline last month.

The feud apparently didn't end there, as their brawl at the WWE Performance Center took place yesterday and was trending on social media.

The brawl between Breakker and Waller has continued to send shockwaves through the NXT locker room.

Bronson Reed, who recently returned to WWE, stated in a tweet that someone ratted him out for having his cell phone at the Performance Center. The former NXT North American Champion later joked that times have changed.

WTF ... I got stooged out for having my phone at the PC.Times have changed man.

The brawl has grabbed the eyeballs of wrestling fans around the world, as many seemed to enjoy the work-shoot nature of it. This has also escalated an already-heated rivalry between Bron Breakker and Grayson Waller.

With Vengeance Day around the corner, it remains to be seen whether Waller will manage to take the NXT Championship off Breakker.

Were you happy to see Norman Smiley get somewhat physical once again? Sound off in the comments section below.

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