Former WWE Champion details the career-altering advice The Rock gave him

The Rock is one WWE
The Rock is one WWE's greatest ever Superstars.

Since breaking into Hollywood, The Rock has shown WWE stars that there is a path for them away from the ring. One current star who has occasionally tried his hand at acting is The Miz.

In recent years, the most must-see superstar in WWE history has been the lead in The Marine series, starring in 4 separate films since 2013. However, before his first-ever take, the brash and outspoken star was surprisingly nervous as the cameras were about to roll.

Speaking on Off The Beat with Brian Baumgartner, the former WWE Champion revealed the advice The Great One gave him moments before he started filming.

"He was like, ‘Dude, the best thing that I could tell you and help you out with is just be natural, and it’s gonna sound so easy and so weird, but once you get there, there’s gonna be three or four cameras, you’re gonna have to hit a spot that you can’t look at, you can’t look at the spot. You have to be normal and natural. It’s action and you have to just make it feel [real].’ It was great advice. Because sometimes you see in acting, you’ll see a robotic kind of portrayal. I didn’t want to do that." (H/T SEScoops)
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As well as movies, The Miz has shone alongside his wife and fellow wrestler Maryse since 2018 as the lead in their hit reality TV show 'Miz and Mrs.'

WWE Hall of Famer on The Rock potentially returning to the ring

With 2023 fast approaching, many fans are speculating if the People's Champion may be gearing up for one last run in a WWE ring. Recent reports have come out suggesting that the 50-year-old may be winning the Royal Rumble in January as a surprise entrant.

Speaking on the Reality of Wrestling podcast, Hall of Famer Booker T said that WWE would be wise to have The Rock win the marquee battle royal.

"Man, it's simple for me. It's real simple. I got the biggest star in Hollywood if not top five, If he wants to win the Royal Rumble and go to WrestleMania damn it, he's winning. That's the way I would write it. If he got time off, he knows where the money is, you know, we're gonna pay him, and he can fit it in, that's what the story would be. It's that simple," he said. [1:06:27 - 1:06:59] (H/T Sportskeeda)


Regarding The Rock's potential opponent, many expect him to go one-on-one with his cousin, Roman Reigns, who has had a vice-like grip on the company for two years as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

Do you think The Rock will return to WWE in 2023? Give us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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