"Don't think we ever talked about our match" - Former WWE Champion on what it was like working with John Cena

John Cena is a multi-time WWE World Champion
John Cena is a multi-time WWE World Champion
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Former WWE World Champion Paul Wight, formerly known as The Big Show, detailed what it was like working with John Cena.

During his interview on Submission Radio, Show claimed that Cena was one of his most pleasant opponents of all time. He mentioned that after initially having shared a WWE ring with the leader of The Cenation, the two never had to talk about a match beforehand.

The current AEW personnel concluded by stating that it was quite fun for him to work alongside Cena. Wight said:

"I think a guy I worked with a lot and did a lot of great business within WWE was John Cena. John Cena by far was the most pleasant opponent I ever had to work with my entire career, there was never any stress. I don't even think after the first two or three times that John and I wrestled, I don't think we ever talked about our match or what we were doing after that. It was more of a, 'What's the finish? Okay, how long we got? Okay, I'll see you out there John', and we'll just go work. So as far as that, it was very fun working with him." [4:44-5:21]

Check out The Big Show aka Paul Wight's interview on Submission Radio below:

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The Big Show also explained what Brock Lesnar's backstage presence was like in WWE

During the same conversation with Submission Radio, The Big Show also spoke about Brock Lesnar's backstage presence. He claimed that The Beast Incarnate was quite intimidating and compared him to Hulk Hogan.

He said:

"He's got the best backstage game since Hulk Hogan. Like when I first started wrestling, like people would whisper when Hulk Hogan came into the building. It's like the old Bugs Bunny cartoon, 'Leopold, Leopold, Leopold', you know, that kind of a thing."

Show then added how people in WWE generally reacted while Lesnar was around backstage.

"But I would see Brock walk into the buildings after the UFC stuff, people would flatten themselves against the wall 'cause they were like so intimidated by Brock and Brock is a great guy. He is one of the most honest people, you would ever meet in your life."
Brock Lesnar hitting a running Powerbomb on Big Show still amazes me.

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Did you know Brock Lesnar got into a real fight with a legend? Vince was furious. Details here.

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