Former WWE Champion recalls winning a title in front of an empty arena

This WWE star won a title in an empty arena
This WWE star won a title in an empty arena

Former WWE Champion Big E has reflected on winning his second Intercontinental Championship in front of zero fans during the pandemic.

The New Day member defeated Sami Zayn in a Lumberjack match on the December 25, 2020, episode of WWE SmackDown to win the coveted championship. The bout was held in the ThunderDome with virtual fans. Big E lost the title to Apollo Crews in a Nigerian Drum Fight at WrestleMania 37. He held it for over a hundred days.

During a recent appearance on the Sarah O'Connell Show, Big E looked back on his victory and stated that it was weird winning the Intercontinental Championship in front of zero fans.

"[The atmosphere was] very weird. Really the foundation of our industry, of our business, is really about crowd interaction. You can have an hour match, but if no one is making a sound, if they're sitting on their hands, you failed. That's always what we have been taught as pro wrestlers. It's about engaging the crowd, it's about making them cheer. It's about making them boo. Now, we're in this environment where that's not possible. We just have screens in front of us, and now you're also worried about COVID, which is ravaging the world. It was a very interesting time," said Big E. [H/T Wrestling Inc]

Big E comments on how he'd like to return to WWE

The New Day member has been sidelined with an injury since March 2022, and it's currently unknown when he will make his in-ring return.

During the show, Big E stated that he'd love to reunite with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods to take on Imperium in a trios match.

"I think something probably like a six-man. I think a trios match, to do it again with Kofi (Kingston) and (Xavier) Woods, that’s the best way to end things. They’ve been such a big part of my career… It’s a great match, Imperium’s doing great things. I think there’s a lot of buzz," he said.

Big E attended the WrestleMania 40 Press Event in Las Vegas recently, and the fans would love to see him back in the ring.

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