Former WWE champion shares positive update following recent medical procedure

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WWE is currently going through a phase in which several performers have been forced out of action due to injuries. Many top superstars have undergone surgeries. Meanwhile, former United States Champion MVP, who has opted for a different type of medical treatment, has recently shared a positive update on social media.

Montel Vontavious Porter last competed in a wrestling match in July 2022. The 50-year-old, however, has continued to manage Omos. Unfortunately, The Nigerian Giant has also made sporadic appearances on WWE television.

Amid his absence from WWE, the former Tag Team Champion has flown to Mexico to undergo stem cell treatment. The medical procedure has helped several professional wrestlers heal from long-standing issues and pain. MVP is hopeful the treatment will help him return to the squared circle for one last run.

MVP took to Instagram earlier today to share a video of himself undergoing the medical procedure. The former Hurt Business member revealed he had gotten the stem cell injections. He stated that he was now waiting for the next step in the treatment and looking forward to the healing period:

"My stem cell injections are done. Now some Shockwave treatment on the joints and another 50 million stem cell IV. I look forward to the next few weeks of healing," he wrote.

You can check out the Instagram update below:

Wrestling veteran speculates why MVP hasn't been an integral part of WWE television

MVP returned to WWE at the 2020 Royal Rumble. After a string of losses following his return, he aligned himself with Bobby Lashley. Shelton Benjamin and Cedric also Alexander joined the faction, which was later named The Hurt Business.

Speaking on Keepin' It 100, wrestling veteran Konnan shared his take on why the new regime led by Triple H has not used the MVP enough. The 60-year-old fears that the RAW Superstar might have said something backstage that did not go well with the management:

"I wonder if backstage he said something that was on his mind, which I doubt because I would think he'd be smart enough now to understand being given a second chance, and he's doing good. I wonder if he mouthed off or said the wrong thing. But I thought he was great on TV, and it doesn't matter who you put him with. He knows how to get them over. He looks like a professional... Let me tell you, what's weird? I saw him with Omos on house shows. So, they were still using him. I wonder why they weren't using him on TV if they already had them on the road," said Konnan. [From 01:53 onwards]

MVP is accompanied by former WWE Champion Big E in Mexico. The New Day member has also opted for the stem cell treatment. He suffered a devastating injury in 2022 that has forced him out of action till today.

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