Former WWE star says he sent Vince McMahon a lengthy email asking to leave

Vince McMahon is WWE
Vince McMahon is WWE's former Executive Chairman [Image source:]

Vince McMahon initially returned to WWE in January 2023 after announcing his retirement in July 2022. Nic Nemeth, formerly known as Dolph Ziggler, recently recalled how he asked the then-WWE Executive Chairman if he could leave the company.

Nemeth received his release from WWE in September 2023. The 43-year-old's departure came four months before McMahon resigned as a board member of WWE's parent company, TKO, amid misconduct allegations.

On Eyes Up Here with ECW legend Francine, Nemeth disclosed details about an email he sent McMahon:

"I get to a point where I go, 'Hey, now I'm not even coming in, getting an entrance, I'm not even tagging with Bob [Robert] Roode, I'm not even making something, it's not even fun when someone pins me.' I go, 'Vince, thanks for everything,' 20-page email, 'This is the greatest job in the world,' and then I aired out some dirty laundry about how I was mad just in the last couple of paragraphs, but the rest was very, very positive." [2:43 – 3:04]

McMahon previously gave Nemeth assurances he would have a job for life in WWE. However, the two-time World Heavyweight Champion decided he wanted to leave to pursue opportunities elsewhere.

How Vince McMahon reacted to Nic Nemeth's request

Determined for his release to be granted, Nic Nemeth offered to fly to WWE's headquarters to discuss the matter in person with Vince McMahon.

Shortly after sending the email, Nemeth found out he was one of many names on WWE's list of released superstars:

"He [Vince McMahon] responded and said, 'Wow, give me a week to think about this.' I go, 'Vince, I'll fly into Stamford tomorrow if you want me to.' He goes, 'Okay, just let me think about this and we'll figure something out. I appreciate you laying this out, man.' 'Great.' And then two weeks later I was on the released list." [3:19 – 3:33]

Nemeth has wrestled for several companies since leaving WWE, including AAA, NJPW, and TNA Wrestling. He has also captured the AAA Mega Championship and the IWGP Global Heavyweight Championship.

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