Former WWE star Teddy Hart calls out wrestling promoters for not protecting their talent

Teddy Hart
Teddy Hart
Israel Lutete

Former WWE Superstar and member of the Hart Family Teddy Hart has publicly called out wrestling promoters. He argued that they fail to stand up for their talent when they get insulted or accused of wrongdoing by fans on social media.

Teddy Hart became the youngest wrestler to sign a developmental contract with WWE in 1998. After being released by WWE in 2002, he made his return in 2005 before he was ultimately let go again in 2007. During his career, he has also competed in other promotions such as Ring of Honor, IMPACT Wrestling and Major League Wrestling.

During his conversation with Deday Cruz and Greg The Mark on The Rated R Wrestling Podcast 313, Teddy Hart spoke about how wrestling fans make negative comments about wrestlers on Twitter without any proof. He also noted the lack of support for wrestlers from promoters

"All of a sudden there's a bunch of promoters that are such p*****s now they have no heart to stand up for their guys, want to say the truth or even to give it a second opinion on anything," said Teddy Hart. "And I think that's really sad when the tail is wagging the dog."

Hart added that he believes WWE does a good job when it comes to listening to the fans.

"I thought WWE did a good job of listening to fans, that they didn't give a sh*t about what they were saying and they haven't for years about the product," Hart continued. "They do what they want, and most of the indy promoters don't make money off the fans off Twitter but they make money off the fans live in the building."

Teddy Hart also said he believes he's in the top 10 list of the most entertaining and nicest wrestlers in the business.

Teddy Hart on receiving financial help from WWE

Teddy Hart in MLW
Teddy Hart in MLW

Teddy Hart was arrested on multiple charges filed against him in February earlier this year, and he is currently on probation. During the interview, he explained that WWE paid for his rehab when he was admitted into a facility for his struggles with marijuana.

"Yeah, I've had a lot of really wonderful experiences the last few years and I want to give GCW some credit for the time I got out of jail and I was actually a fugitive," said Teddy Hart. "I wasn't able to get my bond fixed when I was in Florida. I was doing the WWE rehab for marijuana, and I've been able to stay off marijuana for the last few years, something that I've had a lot of trouble getting off of. I went to rehab willingly, and WWE was nice enough to pay for it. And it was during WrestleMania weekend from 4 or 5 years ago."

Teddy Hart is a third-generation professional wrestler. His father is B.J. Annis, and his grandfather is none other than WWE Hall of Famer Stu Hart, who were both successful performers.

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