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Former WWE Superstar Blue Meanie calls Randy Orton one of the best heels in wrestling right now

Randy Orton after his attack on Ric Flair
Randy Orton after his attack on Ric Flair
Modified 11 Aug 2020, 18:02 IST

The Blue Meanie was recently a guest on the WrestlingINC Daily podcast. The ECW legend spoke about Randy Orton during his appearance and had a lot of praise for The Viper. The Blue Meanie said that Randy Orton is the kind of WWE Superstar he would buy a PPV to watch. He also noted that Orton was one of the best heels in pro wrestling right now:

Dude, if I wasn't in the business and I didn't have The Network and I just had to strictly buy a PPV, I would buy a PPV for this match. I'm not speaking for anybody else. I'm a fan of both individuals as performers and as people. Randy Orton's the best heel in the business right now. He's like a slow cooker man. He's had all these years in the business, and I can't think of a down period. Like some wrestlers have a down period. I've never really seen Randy Orton have a down period at all, but Drew McIntyre, the only bad thing about his reign is the timing.

The Blue Meanie gives his thoughts on WWE Champion Drew McIntyre

During his appearance on WrestlingINC Daily, The Blue Meanie also discussed Drew McIntyre's reign as WWE Champion. The former WWE Superstar acknowledged that the timing was a bad thing for McIntyre's run while discussing how McIntyre won the title at WrestleMania behind closed doors:

I mean when you see what he was doing to Brock Lesnar in front of an audience, or in, oh my God, at the Rumble, I can only imagine what his title win at a proper WrestleMania would have been, and it's kind of heartbreaking to know that he's worked so hard to get to that spot. And it's literally in front of just other wrestlers.

The Blue Meanie went on to discuss what direction would like the storyline to go in. Meanie said that he was a fan of long title runs but could see Orton winning the WWE Championship so McIntyre could chase the title again:

I'm a big fan of a champion having a run with a title. My first world champion was Bob Backlund, and he held the world title for six years.So I'm not a big fan of the world title playing hopscotch or hot potato between two guys and stuff like that. I would like to see Drew get a little bit of a run here with the title, and of course, maybe Randy gets it. And then hopefully Drew chases back for it.

Randy Orton will challenge Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam. Orton is at the top of his game as a heel right now and attacked Ric Flair on last night's episode of WWE RAW.

Published 11 Aug 2020, 18:02 IST
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