"At least this time the girl didn't kiss Cena" - Fans react to former WWE star Chelsea Green exposing herself during wrestling event

Former WWE Superstar, Chelsea Green
Former WWE Superstar, Chelsea Green

Fans had mixed reactions over former WWE Superstar Chelsea Green exposing herself to help Matt Cardona (fka Zack Ryder) in his wrestling match.

Cardona battled Jimmy Lloyd during GCW's The Art of War for the Internet title and even put his GCW career on the line. Just as he was about to lose the match, Green jumped on the apron and lifted her top to reveal her barely covered breasts. This resulted in Matt gaining enough distraction to low-blow his opponent to win the match.

Following the NSFW stunt, some fans expressed how they weren't big fans of the move. Many claimed this sets women's wrestling back. Meanwhile, one fan pointed out how this was the reason why they hated being a wrestling fan.

@wrestlingwomen7 This is why I hate being a wrestling fan lol. The stereotypes make us look so bad haha
@wrestlingwomen7 False, i never want to see her again. This just sets womens wretling back to vinny macs pervert shows and terrible divas era, and boobs n bootys era crap. We want good wrestling not evidence of a terrible boob job.
@wrestlingwomen7 She disrespected herself and women of wrestling

Some fans even commented that this was a reminder of WWE's attitude era/90s wrestling and that if it were that era, they wouldn't let Green cover herself up. Others even compared the move to what Sable has done against Jacqueline:

@wrestlingwomen7 Reminds me of whe Sable did something similar against Jackie during the Attitude Era of WWF
@HashiSeasin WWF would not let her cover up if it was that era you have to now I would assume I think now people would get more offended now then they were back in the day but that’s away to distract someone and help your hubby win

One fan also recalled a previous WWE storyline where Cardona was in an on-screen relationship with Eve, who later kissed John Cena:

@Rond1D @WrestlingNewsCo Well atleast this time the girl didn't kiss Cena, he'll take it

Others wondered what would happen if Lloyd had a different response and didn't get distracted by the move:

@TheCovalentTV @ImChelseaGreen @TheMattCardona Would of been funnier if he totally no sold it 🤣

Following Chelsea's move, some also claimed Cardona and Chelsea have "true love."

Chelsea Green was part of the 2015 edition of Tough Enough where she finished fourth. She signed with World Wrestling Entertainment in 2018 and started her NXT run in October that year. She then later moved to SmackDown in 2020 but was released a year later.

This wasn't the first time the former WWE Superstars got NSFW

From the looks of it, the couple are surely not shy in going far and beyond when it comes to showing their affection to one another.

In the past, Cardona referenced Edge and Lita's bed scene on RAW and claimed they wanted to become wrestling's second adult live celebration.

"I’m going to pitch to @Billy to have wrestling’s 2nd ever live s** celebration in a @nwa ring. I’m not sure he’ll go for it."

What do you think about Chelsea Green's move to save her partner? Comment down your thoughts below!

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