"The guy has got a great mind for the business" - Former WWE U.S. Champion heaps praise on Triple H

Triple H
Triple H
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Riddle recently heaped praise on Triple H regarding how The Game has been a major influence on WWE NXT.

A few years ago, Triple H changed professional wrestling for the better when he took charge of WWE NXT and made it more than just a developmental brand. NXT, on its own, became a show fans would look forward to with a pool of talented wrestlers performing to the best of their abilities every week.

The majority of the current WWE main roster has come up from NXT. Stars like Seth Rollins, Big E and Kevin Owens were all showcased and built under Triple H's supervision at NXT before making it big on the main roster. Another rising WWE star who has shown a lot of potential in recent months is Riddle.

Riddle spent almost two years in NXT before being called up to the main roster. So far, things have been going well for the former Bellator Fighter as he's currently paired up with Randy Orton on RAW. In a recent interview with Sony Sports India, Riddle shared his thoughts on Triple H and moving up to the main roster.

"He is my bro. I feel like Triple H had a lot of bros in NXT because there's a lot of talent there." Riddle said, "I feel he built a lot of relationships with talent. I love Triple H. The guy has got a great mind for the business and I love NXT but I was trying to get out of NXT and get to the main roster. I wanted to get to WrestleMania, I wanted to get to the Royal Rumble, Survivor Series - I wanted to be on the biggest grandest stage of em all. So, yeah, [I] love Triple H. I see him all the time still. He'll help out. He'll be at the RAWs and [he's] a great guy."

Riddle's time in NXT garnered him a lot of popularity in WWE which led to his call-up. In his first match on the main roster, Riddle defeated AJ Styles on an episode of SmackDown, giving him a lot of momentum from that point onwards.

Riddle comments on WWE NXT

Riddle in NXT
Riddle in NXT

In the same interview, Riddle highlighted an interesting difference he felt between the style of wrestling in NXT and the main roster:

"I love NXT, I love the competitive nature." Riddle continued, "I like how it's more of a sports style of wrestling rather than entertainment-based wrestling but at the same time I can do it all so I really wanted to make it to the main roster."

Riddle has been quite successful on the main roster as well. He is a former WWE United States Champion and had the privilege of walking into WrestleMania as a champion.


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