Gallows & Anderson to IMPACT Wrestling "pretty much a done deal" [Exclusive]

Gallows and Anderson are on the move!
Gallows and Anderson are on the move!

Following reports yesterday that IMPACT Wrestling has tabled a "lucrative" offer to try lure Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson to the company, Sportskeeda can now exclusively confirm that the signing of the former WWE Tag Team Champions is "pretty much a done deal" and we've been told content has already been recorded for use on IMPACT Plus - the promotion's on-demand streaming service.

Pro Wrestling Sheet's Ryan Satin revealed over the weekend how IMPACT Wrestling has been "heavily pursuing" Gallows and Anderson, offering them "incredibly strong deals" which would allow the pair to work in NJPW when it's possible for the pair to do so. Both Gallows and Anderson have a storied history with Scott D’Amore - IMPACT Wrestling's Vice President.

Gallows & Anderson to IMPACT Wrestling?

Sources have also confirmed to us how "upcoming shows" have already been filmed regarding “TalkNShopAMania” - Gallows and Anderson's video podcast - as a side promotion, with footage also being recorded for IMPACT Plus, both of which are scheduled to air in July. Ryan Satin had previously revealed how “TalkNShopAMania” could possibly be the start of such.

A done deal?

Those sources confirmed to me that they believe the signing of the pair to IMPACT Wrestling is "pretty much a done deal" - but noted that they don't believe pen has officially met paper yet.

Any potential debut of the pair would likely take place on or after the 18th of July, with Gallows and Anderson's WWE non-compete clauses expiring shortly before that date.

IMPACT Wrestling's Slammiversary is scheduled to take place live on PPV on Saturday, July 18th. Teaser videos for the event have confirmed the arrival of a former World Champion and teased recently released talent from WWE appearing, using footage of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, among others.


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