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WWE News: Goldberg speaks about his return, previous run and where the WWE needs to improve

5.03K   //    20 Nov 2016, 12:15 IST
Goldberg has returned to an overwhelming response by the WWE Universe

Prior to his epic clash against Brock Lesnar at the Survivor Series this Sunday, Goldberg spoke with about various matters including his earlier run in the business, how the WWE could improve and whether he was planning his future career in pro-wrestling.

During the interview, he was questioned about the weirdest thing that he had experienced since his return to the WWE. He replied that it was the way that his body had reacted to the return. Goldberg said:

“My body’s reaction. It’s just all overwhelming, physically, mentally, emotionally. It’s a completely different story. Every aspect of it, to try to prepare to be the Goldberg that everybody remembers in a six-week period of time. It’s just been very overwhelming, man.”

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‘The Myth’ received a phenomenal response when he made his return to Raw last month. On being asked if he was surprised by such a reaction from the WWE Universe, he said:

“Absolutely. I mean I assumed that nobody’s going to appreciate anything that I’ve ever did. Very flattered, and touched, and humbled. Very appreciative of the people for not forgetting.”

The former WWE World Heavyweight champion was asked if there are any current superstars who could carry the WWE torch forward and also if there is anything that WWE needs to improve upon. Goldberg replied to by saying:

“I really don’t know. I haven’t been around long enough to give it a good opinion.  AJ Styles is a heck of a kid. Roman Reigns is a heck of a kid.

There’s a lot of people with a lot of talent there, and I really don’t know because I haven’t been there long enough to pass proper judgment. They need intensity, that’s for sure. They need some realism. I think that’s why I was well received.” 

Speaking about if he ever wished that things would have been different during his earlier run in the WWE than the way they turned out, he admitted that he did think so but also agreed that one needs to adapt to the situation at times.


“We always wish for things to be different. Let’s look at the brass tacks of it. I had the opportunity to work at the WWE as one of their superstars. How bad could it have been? Would I have liked for it to be a little different? Absolutely. 

Would I have liked to not have a wig on two weeks into the deal and then change my music and have everyone and their mother [use the] Spear? Absolutely,” stated Goldberg.

He continued by saying:

“But if my aunt had balls, she would be my uncle. You can’t always have things your way, man. You have to adapt and overcome like the military, the true heroes of the world.” 

When asked if he was thinking about the future of his career considering that he was returning after 12 years, Goldberg claimed that he was focused on the task at hand and could think only of what he needed to do at present.

“I think about everything day-by-day. I think about how many meals I have to eat today, I think about how many times I have to train today and how much time I don’t have to do any of it,” explained ‘The Myth’.

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