"He became a different animal" - Dominik Mysterio recalls almost getting slapped  in the ring by WWE Legend

Dominik Mysterio is a member of the Judgment Day
Dominik Mysterio is a member of The Judgment Day

WWE Superstar and The Judgment Day member Dominik Mysterio recently spoke about his memories of the late great Eddie Guerrero. Eddie was a close friend of the Mysterios. Guerrero and Rey Mysterio had some of the hardest hitting matches in WCW and WWE.

A new episode of the A&E Biography series on WWE Legends premiered this week. The latest episode chronicles the life of Eddie Guerrero and his time in the wrestling business.

During a recent interview with ComicBook Nation, Dominik Mysterio mentioned that Eddie was a great human being outside the ring and a brilliant performer inside it. He had some vivid memories of how the star was very kind and caring with him before the historic SummerSlam 2005 encounter. However, Dom said that the late great star jumped right into character during the match and almost slapped him as planned during the sequence.

"I think Eddie deserves all the spotlight. A great human being. From the little I remember when I was eight years old. He was such a good guy, very caring, very loving. But it was a different story when you got in the ring. He was a different beast when he got in there. He turned on the jets. He became a different animal. It was so cool to see that switch in person. From him being the sweet, loving Eddie giving me a hug, ready to go out to Gorilla to going out there and yelling at me and almost hitting me. SummerSlam in '05. It's a blessing, it's an honor and it's really cool to be able to know that I was able to step in the ring with him that one time." [From 03:12 to 04:06]

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Dominik Mysterio also spoke about his rehab

During the same conversation, "Dirty" Dominik Mysterio spoke about how he was recovering from his injury. The star picked up an injury during his match against Andrade on the April 15 episode of RAW.

Dom stated he was recovering well and would return to action in a couple of weeks.

"I had a slight tear in my Tommy John ligament. No surgery, just six to eight weeks of rehab. Been doing the rehab two times a week now. So hopefully I can be back out there in the next couple of weeks," Dom said.

Dominik Mysterio was involved in Becky Lynch losing the Women's World Championship to Liv Morgan at King and Queen of the Ring. It will be interesting to see how Rhea Ripley reacts to the whole situation once she returns.

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