"I applaud her for her taste in men" - Paul Heyman says WWE personality is attracted to his intelligence (Exclusive)

Paul Heyman spoke about his chemistry with a WWE personality.
Paul Heyman spoke about his chemistry with a WWE personality.
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Paul Heyman sat down for an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling's Rick Ucchino, where he spoke about his on-screen chemistry with WWE's Kayla Braxton.

Paul Heyman started by praising Kayla Braxton and said that the broadcaster deserved a lot of credit for her work in the WWE.

Roman Reigns' Special Counsel then joked that Braxton was attracted to his intelligence and said she had 'sapiosexual lust' towards him. In case you didn't know, a sapiosexual is a person who is sexually attracted to intelligent people.

Paul Heyman continued to speak in character and highlighted how Braxton always catches him off guard for their backstage interviews. Heyman quipped that Braxton was stalking him, while also commending her on her taste in 'wise men.'

Here's what Paul Heyman had to say about his experiences of working with Kayla Braxton in the WWE:

"Well, of course, we have magic together," Paul Heyman continued, "because, first of all, Kayla Braxton is magnificent at her job and deserves a ton of credit for it. And from what I understand, she is very particular about the people with whom she is willing to date or see on a personal level. It's a known fact that Kayla Braxton has very high standards in that regard and that she looks for intelligence in men as well. Therefore, Kayla Braxton has this sapiosexual lust for me that she just can't hide when she is on camera. "
If she didn't, why does she (screams) come out of the blue and come out of the side every time I'm walking down the hallway. I don't stalk her that way. Can you imagine the controversy, Kayla Braxton walking down the hallway, and I walk up and go, 'Hey Kayla!' and she's like 'ahh' and she gets scared? It would be a human resources violation just like that. But it's okay for her to do it to me; why? Because she has sapiosexual lust in her heart, and I applaud her for her taste in men/wise men/the wise man!"

Kayla Braxton's rise in WWE

"Therefore, @KaylaBraxtonWWE has this sapiosexual lust for me that she just can't hide when she's on camera." 🤯📺🎙 @RickUcchino with @HeymanHustle

Kayla Braxton has been with the WWE since 2016 and has risen to prominence in recent years as one of the company's most recognizable non-wrestling talents. Braxton is currently a backstage interviewer on WWE SmackDown, where she unsurprisingly has had several interactions with Paul Heyman.

However, beyond the two hours of SmackDown, Kayla Braxton and Paul Heyman have worked closely with each other on WWE Talking Smack as co-hosts for more than a year.

Paul Heyman never ceases to amaze with his comments, and it will be interesting to see how Braxton reacts to it all!

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