Randy Orton opens up about his WWE retirement plans

Randy Orton's wife and daughter.
Randy Orton's wife and daughter.

Randy Orton has been an indispensable asset for the WWE for almost two decades now, and he continues to perform at a high level every week on Monday Night RAW. But when will Randy Orton call time on his career?

The 41-year-old veteran opened up about his retirement plans during a recent appearance on the The Kurt Angle Show on AdFreeShows.com.

Randy Orton stated that his in-ring retirement lies in the hands of his wife, Kim Orton. The former WWE Champion wants to be at his physical best and perform a believable RKO until his final wrestling match.

Orton didn't want to become a parody of himself. The Viper explained he would hang up his boots when his body doesn't keep up with his usual in-ring activity.

He added that Kim Orton has promised to inform him when that day arrives.

Randy Orton says he's just going to enjoy what he does


Thankfully for fans and the entire wrestling world, Randy Orton still has a lot left in the gas tank. However, Kim will surely be keeping a close eye on her husband's performances in the years to come.

"My big thing and my wife Kim has promised me, that if she looks at me and she thinks I'm becoming kind of a parody of myself or if I'm unable to do the things that the fans need to be able to physically see me do, in order for them to believe, you know, that an RKO still has as much sting as it once did. You know, if I can't do all those things, she has promised me that she is going to let me know that it's time to hang up the boots, and until then, I'm putting my trust in her, and I'm just going to enjoy what I do because I got great kids. I got five wonderful children. I've got a beautiful home—a beautiful wife. Life is really good," Randy Orton said.

Randy Orton currently finds himself in a unique tag team with Matt Riddle on WWE RAW, and the 'RKBro' alliance has already managed to grab the attention of several fans in a positive way.

Orton also spoke about Riddle's recent botch and backstage reaction to the hilarious moment on The Kurt Angle Show.

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