7 things you did not know about Randy Orton's wife

Randy Orton's wife, Kim Marie Kessler
Randy Orton's wife, Kim Marie Kessler

Alexa Bliss is currently involved in a feud between Randy Orton and The Fiend on WWE Monday Night Raw. Orton and Bliss faced-off in an intergender match at Fastlane. The Goddess pinned The Viper. Orton's wife, Kim, was not pleased.

The match witnessed the return of The Fiend Bray Wyatt after nearly three months of absence. The last time we saw The Fiend was when Orton burned him at TLC.

The Fiend surprised The Viper with his return under a new burnt look. He hit Orton with Sister Abigail, paving the way for Bliss to pin the former WWE Champion.

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Following the match, Randy Orton's wife took to Twitter to send a message to Bliss:

Kim Marie's tweet
Kim Marie's tweet

Orton and Kim tied the knot in 2015. They are raising five children, three from Kim's first marriage, one from Orton's, and their daughter.

Kim is not someone who likes a lot of media attention. However, she uses her Twitter and Instagram accounts occasionally to call out WWE Superstars and comment on her husband's in-ring action.

Although she is married to a WWE future Hall of Famer, there are a lot of things that the WWE Universe might not know about her.

Let's take a look at seven things you did not know about Randy Orton's wife.

#7. Kim knew Orton would fall in love with her if they met

Kim knew that Orton would fall for her if they met
Kim knew that Orton would fall for her if they met

Randy Orton and his wife Kim have a unique story behind their first meeting. They met during a WWE show in New York.

Kim caught the eye of The Viper as she sat among the crowd. According to her, he could not take his eyes off her even while being in the ring.

Before meeting Orton, Kim believed that he would fall in love with her if they ever met. She told the story during her appearance on WWE Network's Table for 3:

"I went to a show. I knew he was gonna be there and like in my mind three years before I met him I would always say to everybody like 'Oh God, if we ever made out that's it, he is gonna fall in love with me. That was like my thing. I say 'I put it in in the universe and it gave me my thing.'"

Kim gave the detailed story of her first meeting with Randy Orton:

"So yeah, I bought tickets to a show. I am standing there and he is like looking and he is in the ring and he is like looking, and some girl that was sitting next to me that I didn't know, she is like: 'he keeps staring at you', and I'm like: 'I know', I go 'I thought it was me'. I'm standing right in the isle and he walks up to me and he is like 'What is your name because I need to know like what all this is about' and I'm like 'ahhh' I'm trying to play it so cool, I'm like 'My name is Kim', and we have been together ever since that day."

#6. Kim has the same birthday as Randy Orton

Randy Orton and his wife share the same birthday
Randy Orton and his wife share the same birthday

Kim shares the same birthday with her husband Randy Orton. They were both born on the first of April.

Orton is five years older than his wife. He wrote her a heartfelt message on Instagram:

"Today’s a special day because 35 years ago my wife @kim.orton01 was born. I just happen to have the same Bday so makes things extra cool. Happy Birthday Kim. Been everywhere with you but plan on taking you to many more amazing places. After the quarantine of course."

Randy Orton also shared some pictures with Kim. He referenced Bora Bora, where he proposed to his then-fiancee. The Viper revealed on Unfiltered that Kim "laughed" when he proposed:

“I don’t think she thought I was really going to propose to her, so all of these emotions hit her at once."

Orton and Kim have been married for nearly six years. They will both celebrate their birthdays in a few days. Orton will turn 41 while his wife will be 36.

#5. Kim called Randy Orton "Sandy Norton" when they first dated

Kim called Randy 'Sandy Norton' when they first dated
Kim called Randy 'Sandy Norton' when they first dated

Kim was secretive about her relationship with Randy Orton at first. She did not want her three sons to know that she was dating the Apex Predator. For this, she changed her boyfriend's name to "Sandy Norton".

Orton told the story during his appearance on the WWE Intercontinental Champions round table interview alongside Christian and The Miz:

"When I first met them (his three step sons) now they are huge wrestling fans. Like there's old pictures of them before I knew them wearing Jeff Hardy stuff and doing Haloween. They are all and it's really great. They're huge fans, so when they found out that Mom was dating Randy Orton like yeah."

Kim put a plan into action to hide the fact that she was dating Randy Orton. The Viper believed it was funny:

"It’s funny because for a while there my wife, Kim, didn’t want to stooge off the fact that she was going to visit Randy Orton, so all the cousins and friends, when she was leaving—I was Sandy Norton. 'Where are you going, mom?’ Aw, I gotta go see Sandy. Sandy Norton. I think Sandy was a girl at the time. I think it's hilarious but it's so funny because they used to think I was the coolest thing in the world and now I'm just step dad Orton."

#4. Randy Orton's wife supports the LGBTQ community

Kim Orton supports the LGBTQ community
Kim Orton supports the LGBTQ community

Kim Orton is a supporter of the LGBTQ community. Former WWE Superstar and current New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) wrestler Darren Young has revealed how she supported him when he first came out.

Young came out publicly nearly eight years ago. He stated in an interview with WrestlingInc that Randy Orton and his family were among his biggest supporters:

"Once I came out publicly to the world in 2013, I never said two words to a lot of the main guys, but once I came out, he (Orton) was one of the guys that passed me in the hallway the day after I came out, and he gave me a hug. He said, ‘Hey man, if you have any issue, you let me know, and I’ll take care of anyone in the locker room.'"

He then spoke about Kim's support.

"His wife Kim messaged me on one of my posts on Instagram saying great job. So that meant the world to me, and it’s funny because I always feel like Randy’s wife probably loves the gays. She’s probably on her phone and saying, ‘oh, look at what Fred or Darren is doing,’ and Randy will see. ‘Oh man, that’s pretty cool.’ His wife loves me. His whole family loves me. That’s the kind of personality I have."

#3. Kim and Randy Orton have matching tattoos

Randy Orton and his wife have two matching tattoos
Randy Orton and his wife have two matching tattoos

Kim and Randy Orton have two matching tattoos. They got their first matching tattoos following their marriage in 2015. Orton has his wife's name with a heart inked on the middle finger of his left hand. Kim has Orton's name inked on her finger, too.

Orton and Kim have another matching tattoo inked on the wrestler's left rib and his wife's right collarbone. The tattoo's meaning remains unknown. However, Kim posted a photo of Orton and herself on Instagram showing off the tattoo. She wrote a three-word caption, "Family. Love. Loyalty".

Orton is deeply in love with his wife. He does not waste any chance to express his feelings towards her. He credits her for changing him to become a better person. He wrote her an emotional post on Valentine's Day:

"I used to have a tendency to be self destructive, but you my dear, have the ‘red button’ locked up to where I’ll never be able to find it. Thanks for that."

#2. Kim involves herself in Randy Orton's business

Kim Orton criticized WWE before
Kim Orton criticized WWE before

Kim is vocal when it comes to Randy Orton's career. She occasionally comments on his in-ring actions.

Before her message to Alexa Bliss, she involved herself in a Twitter war between her husband and NXT Superstar Tommaso Ciampa. It all began when Orton aimed a dig at Ciampa for slapping Karrion Kross's leg during NXT TakeOver: In Your House 2020.

Ciampa did not hold back when responding to The Viper's tweet. He stated that he puts his daughter to sleep by showing her Orton's matches.

Again, Orton would respond sarcastically, calling Ciampa "the self-appointed locker room leader of a wrestling school".

His wife, Kim, then interfered in the trade of words with a tweet of her own.

Randy Orton's wife has criticized WWE before too. In 2018, she expressed her displeasure because WWE did not book her husband for "Raw 25".

She posted on Instagram to make her opinion known:

"Can someone pls explain to me how @randyorton isn’t on the Raw 25th anniversary tonight? He’s been on more episode of Raw then anyone besides HHH, Michaels, Taker, Kane and Cena. Impressive list right? So why NOT @randyorton? He’s had some of the most memorable moments in Raw history too. He’s also on the Promo pic but isn’t on the show. Just doesn’t make sense to me. Enjoy the show tonight guys. I’ll be playing MarioKart with my kids"

Kim joked about WWE fining her husband last November too. WWE fined Randy Orton for putting his hands on Adam Pearce, the on-screen authority figure. She tweeted asking fans to visit her clothing line website to help offset the fine.

#1. Kim Orton launched a clothing line

Kim Orton launched her clothing line and uses Randy as a model
Kim Orton launched her clothing line and uses Randy as a model

Randy Orton's wife launched her clothing line, Slthr, last year. She has been using her husband as a model. She sells t-shirts, hoodies, and joggers. She also sells some accessories like face masks and mugs.

Orton spoke about his wife's business during his appearance on Broken Skull with Stone Cold Steve Austin:

"So my lovely wife, Kim Orton, came up with the brand Slthr and she has worked for years to come up with this brand and I'm very proud of her man.
"Like I tell you what, I'm doing my thing in the ring, she is doing her thing at home raising five kids. On the side, she is also the owner of her own company Slthr. And yeah, we are selling some merch man. I'll tell you what, if it's me to a tee I love it. I'm proud of her."

Austin praised Kim's brand name choice, marketing strategy and management:

"Here is the thing that I love about it. I love the way she took out the vowels, kept the consonants, so it's cool, it is not just spelled out 'Slither'. I'm sitting here kicking myself in the ass 'hey I'm The Rattlesnack, you are The Viper, it's subspecies, it's snakes, why didn't I think of that. So, great idea. Kudos on the marketing and the management. So, all the best to 'Slthr'. I love it!"

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