"I think he's more over now" - Dutch Mantell says WWE has booked a top superstar perfectly [Exclusive]

Dutch Mantell
Dutch Mantell
Modified 01 May 2021

Wrestling legend Dutch Mantell had a lot of praise for the main event between Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan on WWE SmackDown. Mantell particularly commended WWE's booking of Daniel Bryan, who looked strong even in defeat.

The back-and-forth match between Reigns and Bryan ended with the latter passing out in the guillotine chokehold. After the bout, Cesaro came out to make the save, but he was jumped by Jey Uso. Cesaro was then forced to watch as Reigns smashed Bryan's head with a steel chair. Bryan is now banished from SmackDown after failing to win the Universal Championship.

Speaking about the recent episode of SmackDown on Sportskeeda Wrestling's Smack Talk, Dutch Mantell loved how the main event had been booked. Mantell also added that Daniel Bryan came out of the match looking like an even bigger star:

"Next to winning outright, this was the next best finish that he could have hoped for," Mantell said. "He didn't give up, he didn't quit and he was strong to the end, then they beat him up some more so he still walked out great. I think he's more over now than he was, if that's possible because he was over before this match. I liked the way they built to it. They made it look big. They made it seem big."

Dutch Mantell says Daniel Bryan is the WWE Superstar he would build a promotion around

During this week's Smack Talk, Dutch Mantell was also asked which WWE Superstar he would draft and build a promotion around. Mantell revealed that Daniel Bryan would be his top pick and went on to explain why he specifically chose the former WWE Champion:

"Daniel Bryan will be in there," Mantell added. "He would always be in there because all your old territories years ago, they always kept their resident babyface. Look at New York, they kept Bruno [Sammartino] for years. Florida, they kept Dusty for years. Lawler in Memphis, they kept him for years, and the Von Erichs in Dallas. They always kept their resident good guys and they would run the bad guys and run them through."

Dutch Mantell also made a prediction about Daniel Bryan's next move in WWE. You can check it out HERE.

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Published 01 May 2021
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