"I think Roman Reigns is the best of the best" - Paul Heyman answers Daniel Bryan on Talking Smack

Paul Heyman gave Daniel Bryan his honest opinion
Paul Heyman gave Daniel Bryan his honest opinion

Paul Heyman recently answered a question Daniel Bryan posed to him regarding whether he is currently the best WWE Superstar. Heyman gave a long-winded answer before finally confirming that it is not Bryan but Roman Reigns who is the best.

Paul Heyman currently acts as the special counsel of WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Currently serving Reigns on SmackDown, Heyman has experience helping WWE Superstars reach their full potential. He's previously acted as a manager for Brock Lesnar and CM Punk.

While hosting Talking Smack with Kayla Braxton, one of the guests, Daniel Bryan, posed a big question to Paul Heyman. Paul Heyman sat thinking for several minutes before concluding that while Daniel Bryan can be worrisome at his best, there can be no denying that Roman Reigns is the "best of the best."

"On the given night that you step into the ring with Roman Reigns, if you are the best on that evening, we’re screwed. Do I think you’re the best right now, bluntly? No. I think Roman Reigns is the best of the best. Do I worry that I’m wrong and that you’re capable of proving on any given night that you’re the best? Yeah."


There have been rumors floating around that Daniel Bryan may just win it all at the Royal Rumble before challenging Paul Heyman's Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania 37.

Paul Heyman is conflicted about whether or not Daniel Bryan is the best

Despite claiming Roman Reigns is the best, Paul Heyman does have some conflictions regarding Daniel Bryan. Before giving the title of "best" in favor of Reigns, Heyman responded to Bryan's question by saying "yes" and "no." He worries that Daniel Bryan was the best and could be the best on any given night.

"Yes and no. I worry that you were the best. And that means our interests would conflict. I worry on any given night that you could still be the best, despite the fact that you see your career as winding down. That doesn’t mean I don’t see your career winding down."

Daniel Bryan is definitely one of the more technically gifted members on WWE's roster. Do you think he is the best wrestler in WWE? Let us know in the comments section below.

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